Although the Baldur’s Gate interface is easy to use, you still need to learn how to use it. The following quests were apparently designed for this reason. The overall difficulty of this section is: very easy.
Quest Move clockwise around the monastery keep!
Quest giver The game itself
Quest giver location Beginning
Quest solution Travel clockwise around the monastery keep! Talk to everyone, including the green clad monks
Quest notes Travel clockwise around the monastery keep! Along the way, you will run into other quests written below.
Quest Find Phlydia’s book
Quest giver Phlydia
Quest giver location 10:00 position
Quest solution Go to the 1:00 position and find Dreppin and talk to him. Then, look in the hay (left side) for book. Return book to Phlydia. She will give you a goodie.
Quest notes For this prologue only, treat the keep as a clock: 12 o’clock is straight up on map, 6 o’clock is straight down, etc. So, when I say Dreppin is at 1:00, this means he is located near the top of the map, but a little to the right.
Quest Kill the assassin
Quest giver The assassin inside the home
Quest giver location The home at roughly the 12:00 position
Quest solution Kill the assassin and loot the house
Quest notes Kill the assassin and drink his blood, reveling in your combatical (!) acumen
Quest Dreppin’s cow is ill: find the antidote
Quest giver Dreppin (see Phlydia quest)
Quest giver location 1:00 position near cow and hay
Quest solution See Hull quest. Once you have antidote, talk to Dreppin again.
Quest notes Many of the Candlekeep quests interweave with each other. I suggest continuing at this point, returning to Dreppin later (be sure to return before leaving Candlekeep for good…once you leave you cannot come back (at least at this point)).
Quest Spar with Jondalar
Quest giver Jondalar
Quest giver location 3:00 position
Quest solution Just talk with Jondalar and he will spar with you
Quest notes This isn’t really a quest (hell, none of these early bits are), but be sure you talk with him
Quest Eliminate Reevor’s rat problem
Quest giver Reevor
Quest giver location Roughly 3:00 position
Quest solution Talk with Reevor by the house. Kill his rats.
Quest notes This is a little early combat action for the noble adventurer
Quest Retrieve Hull’s sword
Quest giver Hull
Quest giver location Roughly 4:00 position
Quest solution Retrieve Hull’s sword from the barracks (at 7:00 position)
Quest notes You could rush on over to the barracks, but I suggest continuing around the keep in a methodical fashion. Return the sap’s sword later when finishing up some of the other quests (eg Dreppin quest, etc.).
Quest Gatewarden teaches party combat
Quest giver Gatewarden
Quest giver location Roughly 5:30
Quest solution Talk to Gatewarden and follow his instructions
Quest notes This really is an excellent opportunity to practice party combat.
Quest Kill assassin #2
Quest giver Assassin #2 in the home
Quest giver location The home, just to the right of the barracks (roughly 6:30)
Quest solution Kill the assassin and loot his stinking corpse
Quest notes How is that combatical acumen coming along?
Quest Fuller needs some crossbow bolts
Quest giver Fuller
Quest giver location Barracks
Quest solution Buy bolts for Fuller from Inn
Quest notes Be sure to get Hull’s sword and the antidote for Dreppin’s cow. Both are found in a footlocker on the right side of barracks
Quest Firebead’s scroll quest
Quest giver Firebead
Quest giver location The inn
Quest solution Tethtoril is found inside the keep (around the 2:00 position (inside the keep))
Quest notes Be sure to buy bolts for Fuller here
Final notes :
  • Complete all these noble quests and then talk with your father
  • Once you leave the keep with your father, there is no turning back
  • Go to Chapter 1

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