Chapter 1

This chapter will introduce you to the real perils of combat. You probably haven't devised too many combat strategies at this point, but by the end of this chapter, you will be well on your way.
Quest Go to the Friendly Arm Tavern
Quest giver Your dead father
Quest giver location The beginning of the Chapter
Quest solution This is where you learn how to travel the world. Head roughly east along the road until you reach the edge of the map. Cross to the next area and head roughly north along the road until you reach the next edge. Then continue north along the road again.
Quest notes Along the way, you meet Imoen (if you were nice to her before), two (evil) NPCs willing to join, an old man, some messengers, some bad critters, and so on. I usually won't include this kind of easy information in the quest list, but travelling can be a tiny bit confusing at first. The world is very very large.
Quest Find the magical ring
Quest giver none
Quest giver location none
Quest solution Find the ring under the tree
Quest notes As soon as you enter the Friendly Arms area, head east until you come to the first tall pine tree. There is a magical ring underneath it (you may need to search all around the tree for it). The ring doubles the number of casts you get for level one spells. Great stuff for a young party! See the Hidden Items Page for absolute location of the ring.
Quest Find Joia's ring
Quest giver Joia
Quest giver location Friendly Arms Inn: the house immediately on the left upon entering keep
Quest solution To reach the hobgoblins, go outside the town and follow the road that roughly encircles the town. You will first meet a couple hobs along the west of the town, but the ones with the ring are near the north of the town. Kill them. Return the ring to Joia for 400xp and 1 reputation point.
Quest notes I am not sure how much of this game is randomly generated. The above is a description of where I found the hobgoblins. This may change according to the person playing the game.
Quest Kill Tarnesh the assassin
Quest giver Tarnesh
Quest giver location steps leading up to the actual inn in Friendly Arm Inn
Quest solution Kill Tarnesh
Quest notes I will usually never give combat tips since your party make up and combat strategy may be different than mine. When you meet Tarnesh, however, he will attack you no matter what you say, so you might as well head out to the open courtyard once he does. This gives the town guards more room to beat up on him and it may make your ranged attacks easier to manage. This is just one strategy, obviously, and may be worthless for your party.
Quest Find Unshey's girdle
Quest giver Unshey
Quest giver location 2nd floor of the actual inn (the main floor of the inn is the first floor)
Quest solution Travel south to the Main Map region just south of the inn area and find the ogre (on the far eastern edge of map (for me, anyway)). Kill it. The reward for returning the Girdle (AC +3 vs piercing weapons) is $70, or it can be sold for $750, or you can keep it for your own use!
Quest notes What's ridding the world of evil if we have lost our girdles?
Quest Landrin's spiders
Quest giver Landrin
Quest giver location 3rd floor of the actual inn in Friendly Arm Inn keep
Quest solution Travel to the Beregost house just west of the Jovial Juggler inn. Kill the spiders and gather the spider body, boots and wine. Return the spider bodies to Landrin for $100, the boots/wine for $100.
Quest notes Rumor has it that only certain charismatic characters are given the boots and wine quest.
Quest Jaheira and Khalid join
Quest giver Jaheira and Khalid
Quest giver location Main floor of the actual inn in Friendly Arm Inn keep
Quest solution Talk to Jaheria (maybe Khalid too either one, I guess)
Quest notes Jaheira and Khalid want to go to Nashkel. So do Montaron and Xzar, if you picked them up earlier in the game.
Quest Kill lots of Gibberlings and Xvarts
Quest giver none
Quest giver location the areas along the way to Beregost
Quest solution Kill kill kill!!!
Quest notes Even though several of your characters may titter and bitch because you are not running full speed to Nashkel, take your time to kill the large numbers of critters roaming the woods. One of the (few) disadvantages of AD&D 2nd edition is that it takes forever to level up. Any experience you can gain is good experience.
Quest Save (maybe) Silke
Quest giver Garrick
Quest giver location Outside of the Burning Wizard in Beregost
Quest solution Talk with Garrick and agree to protect Silke. Once Silke reveals her true nature, kill her and relieve her of her possessions.
Quest notes If it is not obvious by this point, I am playing a good character (chaotic good to be exact). If you side with her, then you will lose one reputation point. If you kill Silke (900xp), Garrick (a Bard) will offer to join your party.
Quest Firebead Elvenhair needs a book
Quest giver Firebead Elvenhair
Quest giver location In his home in Beregost
Quest solution You can buy the book that he is looking for from the Fieldpost Inn.
Quest notes The reward is 300xp, one reputation point, and a book.
Quest Bjornin wants you to kill half-ogres
Quest giver Bjornin
Quest giver location Jovial Juggler
Quest solution He says the half-ogres are south-southwest of town
Quest notes Again, I did not do this quest myself and at this time I am not sure where the half-ogres are specifically (I probably killed them without realizing it). In return for your deed, Bjornin gives you a medium +1 shield
Quest Retrieve Gurke's cloak from tasloi
Quest giver Gurke
Quest giver location Beregost, The back room of the Jovial Juggler on the first floor
Quest solution The tasloi are in Cloakwood forest
Quest notes You will not be able to finish this quest until after you have completed the Bandit Quest and can enter Cloakwood forest. The tasloi are in the first Cloakwood forest.
Quest Find Zhurlong's boots
Quest giver Zhurlong
Quest giver location Burning Wizard: he is the short, frantic guy
Quest solution South of Beregost (Ulcaster) is a band of Hobs. Kill them and take Zhurlong's boots
Quest notes With some of your NPC party members raising hell to get you to Nashkel, you may want to skip this marginal quest and move onward. If nothing else, it will shut your comrades up. If you are able to tolerate their jibes, go east to the Beregost temple. Then go SE to Ulcaster. In the south (though still sort of central) part of the map you will find the hobs with the boots. I suggest keeping the boots, since they give the wearer a big (35%) boost to stealth. The reward is only 300xp and 100 gold (plus he steals from you.)
Quest The assassin Karlat
Quest giver Karlat
Quest giver location Red Sheaf Inn in Beregost
Quest solution Kill Karlat
Quest notes Ok, I promised not to give combat tips, but tangle weed is a great spell in cramped indoor environments.
Quest Perdue's short sword
Quest giver Perdue
Quest giver location Find the Gnoll that stole Perdue's sword and kill it
Quest solution The Gnoll is on the High Hedge Sector, just east of the Thalantyr's Castle.
Quest notes The reward is 500xp and 50 gold
Quest Ogrillions want to kill you
Quest giver Ogrillions
Quest giver location in the 1st new area along the way to Nashkell
Quest solution Kill kill kill! Take letter. Give letter to Marianne in Beregost (see chapter 3)
Quest notes Once quests become more important, I will stop listing such silly encounters.
Quest Hobgoblins want to kill you
Quest giver Hobgoblins
Quest giver location in the 2nd new area along the way to Nashkell
Quest solution Kill kill kill!
Quest notes Once quests become more important, I will stop listing such silly encounters.
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