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“Camaraderie, adventure, and steel on steel…the stuff of legend…right Boo?” – Minsc

This is now my third stab at writing walkthroughs and I have learned many things. The first and most important thing I have learned is that 99% of the emails I receive are all pretty much the same, so I want to take this time to offer a few general warnings, cautions and caveats in order to give you a feel for my walkthroughs:

1. The following is not a walkthrough. It is a quest guide. Although it does contain many spoilers, it does not (in general) provide a step by step guide to solving the game. Have you ever noticed that many walkthroughs on the internet go something like this:

“First, go find Bob, then go SOrth and then take the bottle and then I think you touch the botle to your nnose and then go NW, S, W, S, E (or W?), S, U, D, S,W and then see Bobb agai in Disneyland who gives you something (I cant remember) and then.,.. (etc)”

I used to think these authors were slack, but then I tried to write a walkthrough for Lands of Lore 2. Fact of the matter is, these authors probably weren’t slack, they were probably sick of writing the walkthrough. Imagine all the actions you go through in an RPG and then imagine having to explain each one. It is a difficult job.

So, this is not a walkthrough. But I think you will find it helpful.

2. Combat wise, I am no virtuoso. I am OK, but I am always amazed at the ingenuity of my fellow players. To that end, I usually do not write combat tips, but if I do, I do not want to hear better ways to do it. This website will offer other areas for your combat tips. I merely offer a few tips that you can take or leave. They may help you, they may not. That being said, I do read several other websites (as well as this one) and if I find a particularly tasty trick, I will include it.

3. The make up of my party – Two fighters, a ranger, a thief, a pure magician, and a druid. All of them are excellent at ranged attacks. If you have a different party, your experience will be different than mine. If I say: “this monster was really hard,” and you find it is easy, don’t email me. This may be due to different party types. It may also be due to different combat styles (see comment #2).

4. I am not sure how much of this game is randomly generated. Some of the smaller quests may be in different locations for you.

5. Ok…I have been a little grumpy, but now I will get all happy and warm. If you are stuck, if you want some advice, if you need to correct my guide, or if you just want to talk about RPG’s in general, by all means email me. I always take a significant amount of my day responding to people who need some help. You should definitely check this website first for helpful hints, but if you have exhausted all avenues, I will try and answer your email. If you do write about something that has been explained in other areas of this website, I will not email you back. I simply don’t have the time. If, for whatever reason, the author of the website decides to let other people publish this guide and you have no idea which website it is I am referring to, it is

6. I am not the author of the website. I am the author of the guide only. However, this guide is copywrited. When I wrote the MM6 quest guide, several people pirated it and I raised all kinds of hell until they removed it. I am extremely very very serious about this and so is the author of this website. No kidding, folks, as an author in general, I get very angry when people take my stuff and use it without permission, especially without giving credit. I have put a lot of work into this thing, and since I am basically giving it out for free, I think I deserve this respect at least. If you want to publish this guide, talk to the author of the website, not me, but by all means talk to him.

7. Finally, just a note about Baldur’s Gate. Baldur’s Gate is HARD, but it is one of the best RPG’s I have ever seen. Enjoy it to its fullest. I will.


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