Chapter 6 Quest Guide

Spoiler Notice
There are lots of spoilers in this chapter guide. So if you don't want to be spoiled, read no further.
My Party so Far
I have the same party that I had for Chapter 5, so if you are interested, you can turn back to the Chapter 5 introduction. The only thing that has changed is that three in my party have improved their armor classes two or three points due to magical items they got in BG. AC for my party leader is now -6, for Kivan -5, and for my mage 0. Since my party was maxed out in experience when they entered BG, all the experience that was gained there was wasted and there have been no advancements <sigh>.
A Different Type of Quest
In Chapter 6 you don't get the typical ("Go to the Dwarf Iva Rumpwart, recover my 'Shield of Attract Missiles', and take it to my mother-in-law") type quest. In this chapter you basically just have to explore Candlekeep, explore the Candlekeep Library, and explore the Catacombs. So I will only be discussing three quests for this chapter.

Since these are not explicit quests, there are no explicit rewards, other than advancing the plot, for completing the quests. This being the case, I will try discuss what can be done in each quest, and identify some of the items that are available for you to find. Therefore the Chapter 6 quest guide will be much more like a walk through, or an adventure log, or just my ramblings :)

Explore Candlekeep
Quest Investigate Candlekeep
Quest giver Duke Eltan (after all, he sent you there)
Quest giver location Baldur's Gate, Flaming Fist HQ, 2nd Floor (Area D, #41)
Quest prelude When you completed chapter 5, Duke Eltan gave you a book ("History of Nether Scrolls") and told you to go to go to Candlekeep and investigate further the leaders of the Iron Throne (who are meeting there). After Eltan gives you the book, you are teleported to the gate outside Candlekeep.
Quest solution Your party will be teleported to the gate outside Candlekeep. There you must show the "Keeper of the Portal" that you have the book (you don't even need to Identify it) needed to enter. The Keeper will take the book and you enter Candlekeep.

Candlekeep is much as you remember it, yet there is something strange going on there. Everyone you encounter (Fuller, Parda, Hull, Dreppin, Winthrop, etc.) suggests that "things are strange here", "there are strange people here", "people have changed here", and "some members from the Iron Throne are meeting in the Library" - hint, hint!

In the Priest's Quarters (#2), if you ask the priest about his dead cats and what he is doing with them, he reveals himself to be a Doppleganger and attacks you. He is easily killed and you get: a "Laeral's Tear Necklace", worth $3000 (if you need gold at this point in the game).

There is not much going on in the Candlekeep Inn. There Winthrop warns you to stay clear of the Iron Throne nasties.

There just is not much going on in the Keep, not much to find and nothing interesting to purchase (except for a night's rest).

Quest notes Not much going on in Candlekeep, just a lot of hints about the Iron Throne visitors and "strange" people meeting in the Library. So I guess it is time you had better go explore the Library.

UPDATE: OK, I went back to a save game, picked up the "Normal Book", brought it through the catacombs and all the way back to Shaella at the Blade & Stars (BG, Area-B, #63), and .... it is not the book she wants! In fact, whether you have even been to Candlekeep or not, if you take the conversation path with Shaella (in either Chapt 5 or 7) that you have searched Candlekeep and cannot find the book, she tells you that "the lady has been kind to you for you have found it". You get NOTHING! A RED HERRING I guess!

Explore Candlekeep Library
Quest Find out what's going on in the Library
Quest giver The game (actually most everyone in town points you in this direction)
Quest giver location Candlekeep
Quest solution
1st floor
Karan tells you that "Koveras", a strange person, has been studying the Tomes of "Alaundo the Seer" (founder of Candlekeep) and it might be a good idea for you to look at what he was studying. If you look on the bookshelves you will find two letters indicating that the Lord of Murder had many children (by many different women) and that one must rise above the rest and claim their father's legacy. A Reader will tell you that three men from the Iron Throne meet daily on the 3rd floor. On the shelves you will find many of those "wonderful" history books that are scattered through the Sword Coast, and scrolls of: Knock, Web, Vocalize, and Chill Touch.
Quest solution
2nd floor
Bendalis will tell you that there are some un-merchant-like merchants in the library, some of the monks are odd, and that Koveras (a visiting Sage) is more interested in the guests than the Tomes. Chanter tells you that "Alaundo the Seer" in entombed deep in the bowels of the Keep in an area that is warded and trapped. A Priest of Oghma will tell you that Ulraunt in on the 6th floor. Koveras will approach and try to talk to you (see below for your options). On this floor you will find, among the many history books, scrolls of: Melf's Acid Arrow, Luck, Chromatic Orb, and Mirror Image.

If you talk to Koveras, he will offer to give you Gorion's ring (Ring of Protection +1), and if you take it, he tells you that the leaders of the Iron Throne are nearby and you should kill them. Whether you take the ring or not seems to make no other difference.

If you allow Koveras to "talk" (initiate a conversation) with you, you will be blamed for the murders of the Iron Throne leaders (Rieltar, Brunos, etc.) on the 3rd floor, even if you don't murder them or even talk to them! Then, as soon as you get to the 6th floor, you will be captured by a Gatewarden and put in Jail.

If you avoid conversation with Koveras, by skipping the 2nd floor and continuing up to the 3rd floor, then when you reach the 6th floor the Gatewarden will tell you that someone wants to talk to you in the outer grounds. The Gatewarden leaves and you can search the 6th floor. On your way back down, Koveras will intercept you on the 2nd floor and try to talk to you, and if he does, then the first Watcher you encounter (in the Library, or the one waiting in the grounds for you), will capture you and put you in Jail.

If you want to explore the entire Library, then skip exploring the 2nd floor (to avoid encountering Koveras), explore the rest of the way up to include the 6th floor, go back to the 2nd floor, talk to Koveras, explore the 2nd floor (hopefully avoiding any Watchers), then seek a Watcher (there should be one outside the library if you don't find one inside) so you can be captured.

You must eventually be captured and put in Jail to advance the plot.

Quest solution
3rd floor
Here you will encounter Rieltar, Brunos, Restor, and Tuth having a meeting. Rieltar tells you to leave, and if you do, that is the end of the encounter. However, if you choose to persist in your conversation with Rieltar (rather than agreeing to leave), you can get them to attack you (but when they do, the Priests and Readers on the floor will also turn RED and become your enemies and killing any of them will hurt your reputation). If you kill Rieltar's party you get: a Long Sword +1, Medium Shield +1, Morning Star +1, Chain Armor +1, Darts of Stunning, potions of Genius and Clarity, some gold and a few other items. On the book shelves you'll find, you guessed it, more history books (to read in your spare time?), and scrolls of: Luck, Shield, and Identify.
Quest solution
4th floor
Shistal doesn't really want to talk to you, and if you press him, he reveals himself to be a Greater Doppleganger (killing him gives you 4000xp and a random gem). Among the never ending array of history books you'll find a Wand of Fear and scrolls of: Web, Detect Invisibility, Grease, and Blindness.
Quest solution
5th floor
Piato will tell you that Gorion left some things for you in his room (3rd room on south corridor). In Gorion's room you will find some gold and a letter from Gorion. The letter states that you......., well, I think I'll just let you read the letter for yourself. I does state, in part, that Sarevok knows about you and that he is your worst danger. On this floor you will find, you guessed it, more history books, a Cloak of Protection +1, and a potion of Defense.
Quest solution
6th floor
If you have talked to Koveras (on the 2nd floor), as soon as you get to this floor you will be approached by a Gatewarden who will arrest you for murdering the Iron Throne leaders and you will find yourself teleported to Jail.

If you have avoided talking to Koveras, then the Gatewarden will tell you that someone needs to talk to you in the Library grounds and he will leave. At this point you will be able to explore the 6th floor. Tethtoril tells you that Gorion left you some things in his old room on the 5th floor. Ulraunt is too busy to talk to you. On the 6th floor you will find a Ring of Protection +1, Wand of Magic Missiles, and scrolls of: Ghost Armor, Protection from Normal Missiles, and Protection from Petrification.

Quest solution
When you are teleported to Jail, you and the party will be in a cell. The game is on automatic at this point and all you can do is just sit and watch. Ulraunt arrives tells you that you are a bum for doing the murders and plans to send you back to Baldur's Gate to stand trial. Tethtoril arrives and tells you that he knows you were framed by Koveras (Sarevok spelled backwards!) and he will help you escape through the Catacombs under the Keep. You are then teleported into a secret room in the Library that leads to the catacombs....and to the next quest.
Quest notes You can do as little or as much of the Library as you want. You must be sent to Jail in order for the plot to advance, so you must eventually talk to Koveras on the 2nd floor, then either go to the 6th floor to encounter the Gatewarden, or encounter a Watcher elsewhere. You may also want to read the letters on the 1st floor and Gorion's letter on the 5th floor (I'm not sure if they are necessary to advance the plot though, but read them, they're interesting).

In Chapter 5, Shaella requested that you bring her back from the Library a "Book of Unknowing". I never did find this book in the Library. I did, however, find a "Normal Book" on the first floor, on a shelf just inside the Library entrance. But I didn't take this book with me, so don't know if it is the one Shaella wanted. Did anyone solve the Chapter 5 "Book of Unknowing" quest for Shaella?

Explore The Catacombs
Quest Find your way through the Catacombs and to the outside
Quest giver Tethtoril (he releases you from Jail to the Catacombs)
Quest giver location Candlekeep Jail
Quest prelude When Tethtoril releases you from Jail, you are teleported to a secret room that leads to the Catacombs. If you search this secret room you will find scrolls of: Dimension Door, Confusion, Chromatic Orb, Lightning Bolt, Agannazar's Scorcher, Monster Summoning II, Identify, Minor Globe of Invulnerability, and Fireball. There is an entrance to the NW to the first catacomb area. The door to the SE is warded and you cannot use it to get back into the just have to go through those catacombs to find a way out!
Quest solution
catacomb #1
From the first room, tunnels lead SW, NW, and NE. I only ran into one person, Phlydia, on this level and she was in this first room. Phlydia is really a Doppleganger, and killing her will get you a gem. This level is full of traps, and some of the treasures are trapped. Some tunnels have 3 traps in a row. My Thief was able to disarm all the traps (Traps Skill 90%), so I had no problems with the traps. But since he didn't trip any traps, I never discovered what types they were. But they are all over the western part of this level.

Down the SW tunnel you will find traps and Spiders. The Phase Spiders were not much of a problem as I would let my trap-searching Thief lead the way and when a Spider appeared, he would lead it back to within range of my party's missiles. In this area you find scrolls of Protection from Acid, potions of: Invulnerability, Heroism, and Invisibility, a Cloak of Protection +2 (my Mage appreciated this!), a Manual of Gainful Exercise (+1 Strength), a Tome of Understanding (+1 Wisdom), and a ring of Fire Resistance.

Down the NW tunnel you will find Ghasts. The Ghasts were also not much of a problem as they too were revealed by my Thief and lead back near the main party for the ranged-attack slaughter. In this area you find a Warhammer +1, Fireball Wand, and potions of: Antidote, Stone Form, Fortitude, and Frost Giant Strength.

Down the NE tunnel you will find the entrance to Catacombs-2 and your next adventure.

Quest solution
catacomb #2
You enter at the SW corner of a large hall. Dreppin greets you as you enter, but he is a Doppleganger. In the center of the hall is an area which contains many skeletons which seem to regenerate after you save your game (although I'm not really sure what causes them to regenerate). Fireball worked well against them, but I soon tired of fighting the regenerating skeletons and accumulating damage to my party. In the SW corner of the central skeleton-area are Deder and Arkanis, who oddly enough, are not Dopplegangers, and they may offer to help you through this level. However, I didn't find that they provided any significant help, and they seemed to only want to stay in this large hall area. My Thief found a trap along one edge of the central skeleton-area, but disarmed it without a problem.

Along the SW and NE walls of the hall there are some rooms. In these rooms you will find Jondalar, Hull, Karan, Fuller, Parda, and Reevor, but they are all Dopplegangers. Fighting them is not a problem as you encounter them one at a time if you enter each room (if you walk by the rooms, they will come out after you). In Jondalar's room (the first one on the left as you enter the level), there is a trapped chest which contains a scroll of Dispel Magic.

Along the top wall of the hall there is a tunnel to the NW. Here you will meet Elminster, Gorion, and Tethtoril. Elminster is a Greater Doppleganger, the other two are Dopplegangers. Elminster will try to trick you into believing that this is all an illusion caused by Sarevok, and will request that you follow him. If you agree to follow him, you will find yourself in the midst of a bunch of Dopplegangers and a tough fight. I took the conversation path of not believing their story, which caused the three to reveal themselves as Dopplegangers. This battle was a bit of a challenge, and you have to be careful not to back up too far into the hall and cause the skeletons to attack you from the rear, but hacking away with swords and having my magic users use ranged weapons dispatched the trio with only minor damage to the party.

As you continue past the bodies of Elminster, Gorion, and Tethtoril, the passage turns SW. Along this stretch there are more rooms, all containing Dopplegangers. At the end, the passage again turns NW and exits to Catacombs-3.

Quest solution
catacomb #3
This level is the hacked-out-of-the-rock type of winding, crossing, confusing, tunnels. You enter on the north edge, and as you head south you will quickly encounter Prat, Bor, Tam, and Saku. Prat is waiting to assist Sarevok, and although you might try to fool him, he will soon realize you are not with Sarevok. Prat and party will attack, and although they are a distance from you (think ranged attack), you are in cramped tunnels in which you have very little room to maneuver or get a good line of fire.

I chose to divided my party, sent my "stealthed" Thief SW, then east (to approach Prat from the west), sent my Mage and two others east then SW (to approach Prat from the NE), and my leader and Cleric directly south (to approach Prat from the north). The party attacking from the NE used fireballs, bows and slings. The party attacking from the north used bows and slings, and the Thief attacking from the west used his sling. It appeared that Prat and at least one other were magic users, so I ended up with one party member immobilized with Fear and my Thief and Cleric were beat up pretty badly (lost about 1/2 of their hit points). But after 3 fireballs and many arrows/bullets, Prat and his party were vanquished. Perhaps using Animate Dead and/or Monster Summoning would have helped, but I decided to try the battle without them. For killing Prat's party you get a Throwing Axe +2 (returns to user's hand), Darts of Stunning, Acid Arrows, and scrolls of: Chromatic Orb, Detect Evil, Luck, Resist Fear, Mirror Image, Strength, Ghoul Touch, Haste, Dire Charm, Ghost Armor, and Slow. Prat also carries a letter from Sarevok which reveals that you have been framed for the murders of Rieltar's party and that Sarevok plans to become the Grand Duke of Baldur's Gate and decide you fate.

As you work your way south through this level, you will encounter a few Web traps (my "stealthed" Thief triggered one) and some Phase and Sword Spiders. These were east and west of the area where you encountered Prat along the outer passages of the caverns.

Near the bottom of the cavern the passages converge in one area that is inhabited by two Greater Basilisks. Here I did use Summon Monsters and Animate Dead to absorb the Petrification attacks by the Basilisks. This battle was frustrating in that is was very hard to position my party so that more than a couple of them had shots at the Basilisks at one time. Luckily, the monsters (from a Wand of Summoning) were Hobgoblins with bows, so they could all plink away at the Basilisks when out of melee range while I tried to maneuver my party in to decent firing positions. I eventually prevailed without any of my party suffering petrification or other damage.

Beyond the Basilisks, in a SW passage, you will meet Diarmid who thinks that you are Prat and party. With prompting, Diarmid tells you that the Monks of Candlekeep believe that you murdered the Iron Throne leaders and plan to send you to BG for trial. By the time of the trial, Sarevok plans to be in control of the city. You (he still thinks you are Prat) are to meet Sarevok at the Iron Throne base in Baldur's Gate. When Diarmid finally realizes that you are not Prat, he departs.

Following the passage to the SW, you exit the Catacombs and find yourselves outside, on the south side of Candlekeep.

Quest notes After completing the Catacombs you cannot re-enter Candlekeep, either by the way you got, out or by the main gate.

It seems it is now time to go back to Baldur's Gate to confront Sarevok.

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