Chapter 7 Quest Guide

Spoiler Notice
I know I keep saying this, but there are lots of spoilers in this chapter guide. So if you don't want to be spoiled, read no further.
My Party Starting Chapter 7
Well, Candlekeep is behind us and it is now time to go back to Baldur's Gate, track down Sarevok, and put a stop to his evil deeds. As we prepare to re-enter BG, my party looks like this:
  1. Ranger(7): Created (Leader), Human/Lawful-Good, Full Plate, 90HP, -6AC
  2. Fighter(6)/Thief(7): Created, Halfling/Lawful-Good, Shadow Armor, 73HP, -2AC
  3. Ranger(7): Kivan (NPC), Elf/Chaotic-Good, Ankheg Armor, 56HP, -5AC
  4. Cleric(7): Branwen (NPC), Human/True-Neutral, Ankheg Armor, 62HP, -3AC
  5. Fighter(6)/Druid(7): Jaheira (NPC), Half-Elf/True Neutral, Full Plate, 76HP, -2AC
  6. Mage(7): Created, Half-Elf/Neutral-Good, Robe of Good Archmagi, 42HP, -1AC
These characters also have an array of magic shields, rings and robes of protection, and other sundry items to improve their armor classes and protection from magic which I have not listed. Of note, my Leader has the Nymph's Cloak and Jaheira has Algernon's Cloak. For more on these very useful cloaks, see "Flaming Fist Enforcer" below.
Again, A Different Type of Quest
In this chapter you basically just have to go back to Baldur's Gate, find out what Sarevok is up to, track him down, and (try to) stop him.

Like the previous chapter, Chapter 7 does not have a long list of explicit quests with explicit rewards. There is only one "classic" type quest where you get experience points for doing something (other than killing enemies). However, I have broken up this quest guide into several general quests in order to (hopefully) organize the information flow.

In some of the more interesting battles (e.g, Ducal Palace, Thieves Maze, and the Final Battle) I will discuss the tactics I used. However, these will be my tactics for winning the battles, but not necessarily the best tactics for winning the battles. Also note that my tactics may work with my party's makeup and equipment, and not work so well with yours. In my battles I always forgot to use my character's special abilities (like my leader's Draw Upon Holy Might) and any of the many special potions I carried along for use in battle <sigh>. I did, however, remember to use Wands and other magic items, usually with good results.

Flaming Fist Enforcer (FFE)
In Chapter 6 you were framed by Sarevok for the murders of Rieltar, Brunos, and the other Iron Throne leaders meeting in the Candlekeep Library. Seems word has gotten back to Baldur's Gate, and now the Flaming Fist Enforcers are after you at every turn. And if you kill one of them, your reputation will take a -10 downturn. Kill more than one and your reputation will be in really bad shape. :)

So what to do about the FFE? Thankfully I didn't run into any hostile FFE's inside buildings (unless of course you are caught stealing something), so for those you encounter on the city streets (there seemed to be about two hostile FFE's in each city area) I have a few suggestions:

  1. The Sewers: Whenever you are approached by an FFE, duck your party down one of the nearby sewer entrances. This works best if you can get to a sewer entrance before the conversation is initiated by an FFE, but you can also duck into a sewer entrance from combat mode and the FFE won't follow you. Travel between city sectors via the sewers and limit your above ground street travel to a minimum. The down side is that traveling in the sewers will greatly limit your ability to interact with the above ground dwellers.
  2. Boots of Speed: Equip your Thief with Boots of Speed and have him scout ahead of your party. When an FFE is spotted, have your Thief reveal himself (if in stealth mode) and lead the FFE away from your party. The obvious problem with this method is that it is very tedious. Scout with Thief, advance the party, scout with Thief, advance the party .... have Thief lead FFE away, then sneak back to the party, etc., etc., etc.
  3. Wands of Sleep: In the Sorcerous Sundries (Area-A, #37) you can buy many Wands of Sleep. Any party member (in my party anyway) can use a Wand of Sleep, so I got one for each. Then if you get into combat mode with an FFE, you can just put him to sleep and leave him dozing on the ground while you go about your business. The down side is the Wand of Sleep only works in combat (RED) mode, not normal (BLUE) mode, and when the FFE wakes up, he will come after you with a vengeance (RED mode)!
  4. Be VERY Charming: Just talk real nice to the FFE's and Charm them into your confidence. :) If you have a Mage, he/she should have the "Charm Person" (level 1) spell by now. If you have Jaheira, she should have the "Charm Person or Mammal" (level 2) spell. And more importantly, if you read my Chapter 5 quest guide, you have by now "Algernon's Cloak" and a "Nymph's Cloak". Both of these cloaks raise the Charisma of the wearer by +2, but more importantly, they both can be "used" to cast a "Charm Person or Animal" spell.
So how do I use a Cloak to cast a spell? Well just L-click on a character's portrait, then L-click on the backpack icon (bottom of the screen in the middle), L-click on the cloak icon that appears, then L-click the cursor on the person you want to charm. "Charm" (spell or cloak) will work on a blue-circle or red-circle person (providing they don't make their saving throw). So, just use those cloaks to Charm the FFE's as soon as they approach, or if they make their save and are not charmed, just Charm them again when they are in combat mode. Keep in mind that once the Charm wears off, the previously charmed person will come at you in combat (RED) mode. But if that happens, just Charm them again - DUH! Besides, by this point in the game, any character in your party should be able to withstand a couple wacks from an FFE while you're trying to Charm him.

If you don't want to deal with the Charmed FFE's after the Charm wears off, you might try this little tactic. While the FFE is Charmed, have a party member open the door to a building, then march the FFE into the building, and have your party member close the door behind the FFE. I tried this a couple times in Area-A, where I wanted to spend some time shopping, and it seemed to work just fine. The FFE's didn't open the doors and were no longer a problem. Just don't put an FFE into a building you plan to enter later.

I have read that the Nymph's cloak has 40 Charm charges. I have used the cloak a few times, but have not tested this limit, so I don't know for sure. I have also read that Algernon's Cloak has 65,000 (WOW!!) Charm charges (apparently someone used a game editor to determine this). For sure I haven't tested this one, but I did use in lots in Baldur's Gate and it never ran out of "Charms". Algernon's Cloak is the better cloak because of the HUGE number of charges AND the fact that it WORKS AT RANGE. When you use the Nymph's cloak, the user will walk up and touch (YUK!) the person to be charmed. Algernon's cloak works at a good range, so you don't have to get up close and personal. I feel that Algernon's cloak is probably the most powerful item in the game....maybe too powerful? But I must admit, by the time I got to Chapter 7 I was very happy to find a less-tedious way to avoid conflict with the FFE's and complete the game.

Baldur's Gate Map Areas
I will be referring to various map areas in the city by specifying an "Area-" followed by a letter. These areas are shown in Gary's "Sword Coast Travel Charts" on our maps page. For those of you who don't want to look at my map, Area-: A = E(ast), B = SE, C = S(outh), D = SW, E = W(est), F = NW, G = N(orth), H = NE, I = Center. I may also include a # followed by a number after the Area. The numbers come from Steve's BG map on our maps page. For instance, when I say "Area-C, #55" I am referring to the Harbor Master's Building (#55) in the South sector (Area-C) of the city.
Return to Baldur's Gate
Quest Follow Sarevok to BG, find out what is going on there
Quest giver Diarmid and a letter on Prat's body
Quest giver location Candlekeep Catacombs (Chapter 6)
Quest prelude Here you are, back in Baldur's gate on the trail of Sarevok. If you haven't read "Flaming Fist Enforcer (FFE)" above, do it now as it will give you some ideas on how to deal with FFE's. Note, however, that not all FFE's are after you. Some FFE's, those that have a name, will talk to you and may give you information.

I chose to heal my party and rest in Friendly Arm on my way from Candlekeep, and planned to resupply with essentials once I got back into Baldur's Gate.

There are some interesting people now located in each area of the city. They will provide some plot line background information (including many Journal entries) and give you some hints as what to do next. So I have written up this quest by city area in the order I wandered about the city.

You could skip this quest if you knew exactly where to go in the city and were in a hurry to complete the game.

Quest solution You can enter BG either through the Bridge Entrance, or by jumping directly to one of the areas inside the city. I tried both the Bridge entrance and jumping to Area-A.

Bridge Entrance

Entering this area from the South, you encounter a Smuggler who knows that you are wanted by the FFE. He offers to smuggle you into the city for $100. If you give him the money, you can walk directly across the bridge without encountering any guards (FFE's). If you don't pay him, you will meet an FFE as you cross the bridge. But FFE's are not a problem for you if you read my "Flaming Fist Enforcer" section, right! You can avoid the Bridge altogether by just jumping into a city sector. I jumped directly into Area-A from the Ankheg Farm map sector.
Captured by the FFE
If captured by the FFE (i.e., you let one take you in without a fight), you will find yourself in the Flaming Fist Headquarters confronted by the new leader, Angelo. If you insult Angelo, one in your party will be immediately killed and you will be thrown in jail. If you don't insult him, you will just be thrown in jail. In one of the cells is Neb. Neb will tell you that Duke Eltan is very ill and Scar has been murdered. After your conversation ends, keep clicking on Neb and he will talk to you again and tell you he knows a way out. All you have to do is answer one of his questions (if you miss the first, he asks you another, etc.). The answers are "33", "mirror", and "tomorrow". After you answer correctly, you will find yourselves outside on the East side of the Flaming Fist Headquarters.
Inside the gate you meet Husam, a drunk who tells you that Duke Eltan is sick and Scar has been murdered. Husam suggests you come find him at the Blushing Mermaid (Area-H, #15) if you want more information.

Near the Thieves Guild (#40), Delthyr will approach and tell you about Duke Eltan and Scar, and suggest that you investigate the Iron Throne Citadel. Delthyr also says that he will be at the Three Old Kegs Inn (Area-G, #11).

Tamoko is just outside the Sorcerous Sundries (how did she know I would be going there for supplies?). She tells you who is causing Duke Eltan's sickness, claims to know a lot about you and your family, and says she will meet you again outside the Flaming Fist Headquarters (Area-D, #41).

On your way to Three Old Kegs Inn to talk to Delthyr, Sorrel tells you that she is still loyal to Duke Eltan, and that he is being held is Flaming Fist Headquarters. In addition she tells you that Angelo is responsible for Eltan's sickness and Scar's death, and that he is making a power grab at the Flaming Fist.

Delthyr is in the Three Old Kegs Inn (#11) and tells you to investigate Rashad, Duke Eltan's healer, because he may be up to no good.

When you go to the Blushing Mermaid (#15), you won't find Husam (I didn't anyway), but you can talk to Ivanne. For $10 he will tell you how Scar died, but not who was responsible. He suggests you investigate the Flaming Fist HQ or the Iron Throne Tower to find some answers.

[Update from an emailer - Husam is standing outside the Blushing Mermaid Inn. When you talk to him he explains that he is part of the Shadow Thieves and that they had nothing to do with anything that's been happening. He will offer to help you get rid of Slythe and Krystin. But when you follow him to the sewer outside Illmater Temple, he does not go with you (makes you take care of them yourself)].

Alan Blackblade thinks he remembers you from the Thieves Guild. He tells you that the FFE's are out for blood, Scar was murdered, and Duke Entar Silvershield was assassinated. He says it is also strange that Duke Eltan is now very ill, and Angelo, who is now running the Flaming Fist, is working close to Sarevok. Alan suggests that you should investigate the Flaming Fist HQ.

Back in Chapter 5 Shaella, in the Blade and Stars (#63), gave you a quest to bring back a book from Candlekeep (see Chapter 5 Major Quests, "Book of Unknowning"). I could never find such a book in Candlekeep. So I went back to talk to Shaella to see what would happen. I found that if you tell Shaella that you have searched every inch of Candlekeep and cannot find the "Great Book of Unknowing", she will tell you "Then the lady has been kind to you for you have found it. Walk well in the mists of Leira". You get no reward for this. In fact you can get to the same conversation path (back in Chapter 5) without ever visiting Candlekeep. So I guess this was just a red herring!

If you visit the Diviner (in the tent, #30), he will answer one question a day for $50. He will tell you that the man who claims to be helping Duke Eltan is the cause of his illness and that Sarevok Costak framed you for the murders of the Iron Throne Leaders in Candlekeep.
Outside the Flaming Fist HQ (#41) you will find Tamoko again. She wants to tell you more, but wants you to promise to defeat, but not kill, Sarevok. If you say no, she admonishes you for being like Sarevok, and departs without telling you more. (I don't know if you ever will see her again if this happens.)

If you agree (I did, and it didn't cause any problems later on), then she tells you she is Sarevok's ex-consort, more about your relationship to Sarevok, and why he is planning a war with Amn. She tells you to go to the Undercellar and kill Slythe and Krystin, who work for Sarevok, and you will learn more of his plans. In addition she tells you to 'remove' Cythandria (Iron Throne Tower, Area-C, #60) as she is an evil influence on Sarevok (ya, right!).

Kaella will tell you that Sarevok is secured as leader of the Iron Throne and that there are strange things going on in the Iron Throne Tower.

Kovar has nothing to say to us (now there's a break).

Brennan Risling tells you that tensions are rising with Amn, war is imminent, and that we need Sarevok as Grand Duke to assist us.

Jonavin, a FFE who will talk to you, says that Angelo has been mobilizing the Flaming Fist for war with Amn and that it is good that Sarevok is on our side.

Sugar tells you to see Ivanne in the Blushing Mermaid to learn about Scar's death. At Entar Silvershield's Estate you learn that he is dead and that only a few servants remain.
Sir Lothtyran talks about Sarevok's upcoming inauguration ceremony.

Hecito has a message for the Dukes from the Great Empire of Amn and states that Amn is massing troops to advance on BG.

Quest notes I suspect that for many of you all these conversations are a bit boring at this stage of the game. After all, you are very near the Final Battle with Sarevok and want to get on with it. Initially I did find them interesting and was impressed that the game developers included NPC conversations that were consistent with the story development. But I must admit that I did tire of them after a while (there is quite a bit of redundancy) and wanted to get on with the game.

Although I covered many (probably too many!) of the conversations I encountered in BG, I may have missed a few. Many were just people telling you who they favored, Sarevok or Duke Eltan. But I think you get the idea that talking to the city NPC's has provided some, often redundant, hints. They are to investigate: Flaming Fist Headquarters, Iron Throne Tower, Undercellar, and Ducal Palace. So guess which four quests I'll be covering next!

Save Duke Eltan
Quest Rescue Duke Eltan and take him to the Harbor Master
Quest giver Various NPC's in the city ask you to save/protect Duke Eltan, and after you rescue him, the Duke asks you to take him to the Harbor Master's building.
Quest giver location NPC's at various locations throughout the city, Duke Eltan upstairs at the Flaming Fist Headquarters (Area-D, #41).
Quest Prelude This is a classic fetch-and-deliver quest, but it is not really necessary to advance the plot.
Quest solution Go to the Flaming Fist Headquarters. Just inside you will be met by Benjy. Benjy will approach you as soon as you enter. If you are very, very, very fast you can "Charm" him. But you must do this as soon as he tries to talk to can be done, but it is hard!

If you are not quick enough with your Charm cloak (a spell is too slow), Benjy will call the guards and attack. The guards are 5 mercenaries, two in the room with Benjy and 3 in the next room with Dilos. The mercenaries seem to have the ability to cast spells, but this battle isn't too tough when you use ranged weapons/spells on the mercenaries. After you dispatch Benjy you will find plate armor and a long sword, and each of the mercenaries carries plate armor, small shield, and long sword....nothing great here. I suffered no reputation loss for killing Benjy and his mercenaries.

In the second room, where there are 3 of Benjy's mercenaries, you will also find Dilos. After a brief conversation, Dilos attacks and goes down easily leaving nothing of interest.

If on the other hand you were able to quickly charm Benjy before he calls his mercenary friends, then you can just walk past him into the second room. There Dilos will attack, but I just gave him a taste of a Wand of Sleep and left him dozing peacefully on the floor.

After dealing with Dilos, go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs you will encounter Kent. He is an FFE who is going to desert because doesn't like the Flaming Fist's new leader. He tells you that Duke Eltan is very ill, and that his healer, Rashad, is probably the cause. Kent then departs (guess he doesn't want to stay and help you rescue his beloved Duke).

In the room to the NE you will find a very sick Duke Eltan and his healer Rashad. You will soon discover that Rashad is a Greater Doppleganger. He can be tough, but my leader used his "Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs Shapeshifters" while the other party members used ranged weapons. The trick here is not to go into the room after Rashad, but to lure him into the doorway where your other party members can get a clear shot at him with their missile weapons. Killing Rashad gets you 4000xp and a gem.

Duke Eltan will tell you that Angelo doesn't want him to recover, so you must take him to a safe place, the Harbor Master's Building. Eltan also gives you a letter that he took from Rashad that discusses two assassins, Krystin and Slythe, who are in the Undercellars and are planning to assassinate Grand Duchess Liia Jannath and Grand Duke Belt.

Take Duke Eltan to the Harbor Master's Building (Area-C, #55). The Harbor Master tells you that he will take the Duke to a safe place where he can recover. You get +2500xp for delivering the Duke, the only "classic" (fetch and deliver) quest in this chapter.

Quest notes OK, you saved Duke Eltan, now what to do next. Seems like there were lots of hints to investigate the Iron Throne and the Undercellar. Let's try the Iron Throne first.
Cythandria, Where Are You?
Quest Investigate the Iron Throne and remove Cythandria
Quest giver Several NPC's suggest investigating the Iron Throne and Tamoko
told you to eliminate Cythandria.
Quest giver location NPC's in various city locations, Tamoko in front of
the Flaming Fist HQ.
Quest prelude This is a MUST DO quest as you have to obtain Sarevok's Diary
from Cythandria. You will need the Diary for the Ducal Palace quest.
Quest solution Enter the Iron Throne building (Area-C, #60) and work your way up to the top floor to engage Cythandria.

First Floor

Dhanial and Pang Wallen will tell you that Sarevok has made a mess of the Iron Throne and that they are leaving.
Second Floor
Tralithan tells you that the Iron Throne has been defeated by one of its own, Sarevok, and that he plans to become Grand Duke.

Gregor tells you that the Iron Throne is falling apart and that is is Sarevok's fault. Gregor is the son of Brunos (one of the Iron Throne leaders you are accused of murdering in Candlekeep) and if you tell him you're here to kill Sarevok, he will let you pass. If you tell him you are here to clear your name, he realizes that you may have killed his father, and attacks. If you kill him you get a Short Sword +1.

Third Floor
Kalessia is an emissary from the Iron Throne Headquarters. Tell her that Sarevok is responsible for the Iron Throne problems and that you have been accused of the murders of the Iron Throne leaders. She will tell you that Sarevok may have had a hand in the murders and that her superiors would be pleased if you helped to remove him.
Fourth Floor
Wirthing tells you that you were an unwitting dupe of Sarevok in Candlekeep as were the Iron Throne members here.
Fifth Floor
Cythandria tells you that she was Sarevok's consort and that she will kill you to get back in his favor. When you ask her to help you kill Sarevok, she attacks.

The first thing Cythandria does is to call two Ogres, Arghn and Ughn, then she Dimension Doors, then goes Invisible. I found this to be a difficult little battle. First, she is at far the end of the narrow hallway in the middle of the floor, and as you approach through the larger room, she immediately starts the conversation as soon as the first party member gets into her sight. This left most of my party in a positions where they could not see her (or get a clear shot at her). Then the two Ogres appear in the hallway between you and her, so you must deal with them first. The Ogres could be seen by my other party members, so I went after them first, mostly with missiles. Don't let the Ogres get too close as they pack quite a wallop with their 2-handed swords! Meanwhile Cythandria is invisible and casting Fireball and Confusion spells at you. I maneuvered some party members so they could shoot in her direction, but this was not very effective until after I had dispatched the Ogres and cast Purge Invisibility.

Once the Ogres were gone and Cythandria was visible, I could finally get some shots in on Cythandria, and she decided to give up. Then she says that you will find Sarevok in the Undercellars, and gives you two letters (describing two assassin's involvement with Duke Silvershield's death and their plans to kill the other Dukes) and SAREVOK'S DIARY. At this point Cythandria starts to walk away, but she is still in combat mode (RED). If you kill her you get her "Robe of Cold Resistance". Or you can let her go. I left her "Robe of Cold Resistance" next to her body. Three of my party members suffered light damage in this battle with Cythandria and her Ogres.

Your next stop is the Undercellars. The shortest way to the Undercellars is through the basement of the Iron Throne and into the sewers.
Quest notes In retrospect I believe that this battle would have been easier if I had summoned some monsters or animated some dead and had them go after Cythandria.

When you read Sarevok's Diary, at the end it says "The diary looks to be important. You should probably keep it on your person". This sounded like a real big HINT to me!

The Assassins
Quest Go to the Undercellars and confront Krystin and Slythe
Quest giver Tamoko, Duke Eltan, and Cythandria's letters
Quest giver location Flaming Fist HQ (Tamoko), 2nd floor Flaming Fist HQ (Duke Eltan), 5th Floor of Iron Throne (Cythandria's letters).
Quest prelude This is another MUST DO quest as you have to obtain an Invitation to Sarevok's inauguration at the Ducal Palace.
Quest solution Go to the basement of the Iron Throne. The entrance to the Sewers is on the basement's SE wall between the two rows of barrels. Enter the sewers and turn right at the first intersection and walk South. (You may encounter either Ghouls or Ghasts at this intersection.) Turn right into the first tunnel and head SW. This will lead you to Diller's office, the NE room in the Undercellars.

Exit Diller's office to the SW. Krystin and Slythe are in the center of the Undercellars down the SW passage. I rather enjoyed this encounter as it provided an interesting tactical problem against two worthy opponents. One major problem is that there are many Courtesans all over the place, so you don't want to use brute-force area-weapons like Fireballs. A little finesse is called for here.

Slythe is a Hastened and Blurred Fighter/Thief, Krystin is an Invisible Mage, and they can cause you some real grief. What I did was stealth my Fighter/Thief and advance him 3/4 the way down the hallway, advanced my two Rangers 1/2 way down the hallway, and advanced my Fighter/Druid, Cleric, and Mage 1/4 way down the hallway. My plan was to set up an ambush. So I placed one ranger along each wall opposite each other and the Druid, Cleric, and Mage in a line across the hallway a little ways behind the Rangers. Now I advanced the stealthed Thief towards the center of the Undercellar.

As my Thief neared Slythe (could not see Krystin as she was Invisible), Slythe started to talk to him, but did not attack because he could not see him (just the way the game works). Slythe and Krystin banter back and fourth about how they killed Duke Silvershield and plan to kill the other Dukes for Sarevok. They still do not attack my Thief as they cannot see him, so I move my Thief away from them a little bit and have him put on his Boots of Speed (probably an Oil of Speed would work too). What I want is for Slythe to chase my Thief NE up the hallway into the ambush I have planned for him. Now that my Thief has lost stealth, I have him get Slythe's attention by plinking him with a sling-bullet. Soon my Boots-of-Speed Thief is being chased back up the NE passage by the Blurred/Hastened Slythe.....right into my party's ambush. As Slythe nears the party, I have the two Rangers open up with Arrows of Dispelling. This causes Slythe to loose his Blur and Haste abilities. A now "normal" Slythe is alone (Krystin is still back in the center of the Undercellars) and in range of two Rangers, who have switched to Arrows of Biting and Ice, and my three magic users and winded Thief who all have Bullets +2. I think the word "Toast" applies to Slythe here. When he goes down, with no damage to any of my party members, he gives up a nice "Short Sword of Backstabbing" two letters, and 5000xp. One of these letters is an Invitation to the inauguration in the Ducal Palace. If you read the Invitation you will see "This looks to be an important note, one that you should hold onto" - HINT, HINT!

OK, you have the Invitation, but you don't want to leave Krystin lurking around, do you? So back goes my Thief, once again using stealth (and no Boots of Speed), acting as the party's scout. I also slowly advanced the rest of my party, keeping the Rangers on each side of the passage and the magic users in line across the passage a little way behind the Rangers. Now during the time we were dealing with Slythe and advancing on Krystin, she had been casting Invisibility, Mirror Image, and Minor Globe of Invulnerability. As my party nears where she is (in the shallow pit in the center of the Undercellars, but still invisible), Krystin casts, of all things, Dispel Magic. I believe that this caused her protection and Invisible spells to dispel, but have my Rangers hit her with some Dispel Magic arrows anyway (she is now visible). Now my Rangers switch to Arrows of Biting and Cold while two of my magic users open up with "Wands of the Heavens" and the Mage and Thief use Bullets +2. Krystin is no match for this overwhelming firepower and goes down without causing any damage. For killing her you get 3000xp, a "Sling +1", "Dagger +2" and scrolls of: Clairvoyance, Flame Arrow, Monster Summoning I, Non-Detection, Protection from Normal Missiles, Skull Trap, and Vampiric Touch. (You can put that Clairvoyance scroll to good use later, I promise!).

Quest notes Well, you now have Sarevok's Diary and an Invitation to Sarevok's inauguration at the Ducal Palace, so it would seem that the Palace is where your next adventure awaits. But you might want to rest and resupply if necessary.

Remember, when your read the Invitation you took off Slythe's body, it said "This looks to be an important note, one that you should hold onto". A big HINT, right! Onward to the Ducal Palace.....need I say more?

The Ducal Palace
Quest Go to Sarevok's Inauguration, try to expose him, save the Dukes
Quest giver All those NPC's who told you about Sarevok's inauguration, and the letters you got from Slythe.
Quest giver location NPC's around the city, letters from Slythe's body in the Undercellars.
Quest prelude This quest is also a must do! You must complete it to advance the plot. And one Grand Duke must survive!
Quest solution Go to the Ducal Palace (Area-G, #14). Outside the Palace gate talk to the guard, Bill, and show him your Invitation (he just looks at it and doesn't take it from you). This is the Invitation you got from Slythe in the Undercellars, the "this must be important" note.

First Floor

Enter the Palace and you will be in an anteroom. The main coronation room is straight ahead, and there are rooms to the right and left of the anteroom. In the main room are Sarevok, some noblemen, some FFE's, and the Dukes Belt and Duchess Liia. For now the FFE's won't bother you (unless you try to steal something).

If you want to search the upper floors of the Ducal Palace, you should move into the room to the right of the anteroom, then keeping to right, enter the main room and go up the stairway on the right wall. You will be able to come back to the Palace later if you want to skip the searching now. I wouldn't try to search the first floor at this time as you will either be spotted by one of the many FFE's, or spotted by Belt in the main room (once Belt spots you, the inauguration 'festivities' begin).

Second Floor
On this floor you will find a Wand of Lightning. Nila is also on this floor, but I couldn't get any useful information from her as she just seems to be trying to avoid the party.
Third Floor
On this floor you will find some gems, a Splint Mail +1, a Bastard Sword +1, and scrolls of Agannazar's Scorcher, Fireball, Chill Touch, Horror, Color Spray, Haste, Slow, Clairvoyance, Ghost Armor, and Protection from Normal Missiles. Also on this floor are 3 chests that I could not open with a Thief with 95% Lockpick or a level 7 Mage using the Knock spell. Oh yes, you can put that Clairvoyance scroll to good use later......just a suggestion.
First Floor (again)
I skipped the searching for now and concentrated on Sarevok and the people in the main room. If you enter the main room and move to where Belt can see you, the inauguration begins. While my party was still together in the anteroom, I cast Haste and Chant on them, but I don't believe this helped much as I will discuss below. I then moved my magic users (Mage, Druid, Cleric) through the room to the right of the anteroom, then into the main room, and positioned them across the main room parallel to the right stairs. My stealthed Thief I put in the doorway from the anteroom into the main room. My two Rangers I moved into the room to the left of the anteroom and near the doorway into the main room. My plan was to have the two Rangers and Thief rush in and protect Liia and Belt while my magic users cast spells and used wands from a distance.

As soon as I moved a Ranger through the doorway from the left room into the main room, Belt spotted him and started the ceremony. Because if this, it is best to pause the game, then give all your party members waiting in the doorways orders to advance well into the main room near Liia and Belt, then unpause. This way all three are moving and will be part way to their destinations when the ceremony starts.

When Belt starts the ceremony, everything is scripted for a while, Belt talks, Liia talks, some Noblemen talk, etc., etc. Finally Sarevok's plot is hatched, six of the noblemen reveal themselves to be Greater Dopplegangers, and they attack Liia and Belt. Greater Dopplegangers are tough, but these are also Hastened. I used my Rangers to fire Arrows of Dispelling at the Dopplegangers to remove their Haste, then switched to Swords and tried to place themselves between the Dukes and Dopplegangers. My Thief I put into the fray with his recently acquired Short Sword of Backstabbing. The Druid and Cleric used Wands of the Heavens, one switching briefly to a Ring of Energy, to attack the Dopplegangers closest to the Dukes. My Mage waded in with some Agannazar's Scorcher spells, then switched to sling Bullets +2. In addition, all the FFE's will join in against the Dopplegangers, but they are not very effective. As to my Haste and Chant spells, they wore off shortly after the battle started and I didn't try to cast them again as my party was too spread out in the main room.

You MUST save at least one of the Dukes. I'm not sure if it is possible to save both Liia and Belt, but you MUST save at least one of them. If both die, the battle ends and Sarevok declares that you have planned and aided in a plot to kill the Dukes. At this point all the FFE's and remaining Dopplegangers attack and kill you - Game Over!

In the end I was able to save Belt, but Liia was killed before I could dispatch all the Dopplegangers (or maybe the game allows you to only save one?). My Mage had taken a hit from a Doppleganger, but wasn't damaged too severely and the rest of the party suffered no significant damage. With the Dopplegangers gone, Belt started talking and Sarevok declared that you were responsible for the plot. Remember Sarevok's Diary, the one you got from Cythandria at the Iron Throne, the one with the hint about being "important", well now is the time to pull it out and show it to Duke Belt. He will read it and become enlightened as to Sarevok's true plans, and this causes Sarevok to attack you. Belt and the FFE's will join in with you against Sarevok, but he will hack you for a bit, then Dimension Door away before you can do him much harm. He did however, wack my Ranger, Kivan, down to 2 HP before he departed. This was the most damage any of my party was to suffer in this Chapter. Along with Sarevok, Winski Perorate (who?) Dimension doors away too (I didn't even know he was in the Palace or who he was). Later, in the Thieves Maze I found out about Winski Perorate.

After Sarevok departs, you talk to Belt and he teleports you to the Thieves Guild to follow and kill Sarevok. In the Guild you appear right next to those stairs you haven't been able to get down before now. At this point I decided to heal my damaged Ranger, and return the the Ducal Palace to search the floors. Note that you may still need your Invitation to get back into the Palace.

Back in the Palace, I found in the first floor room, to the right of the anteroom, potions of Heroism and Invulnerability, and in the room left of the anteroom there is another chest that I couldn't open with either Lockpick or the Knock spell. On the 2nd and 3rd floor were the items I listed earlier. If you talk to Belt, he will again teleport you (you have no choice) to the Thieves Guild to pursue Sarevok.

I walked back to Area-A and restocked at the Sorcerous Sundries (#37), healed all my people, then rested at the Elfsong Inn. When I rested, my party's "good" leader got his second "Draw Upon Holy Might" special ability. Of course, I finished the game without ever remembering to use this ability <sigh>.
Quest notes This was an OK quest with an interesting battle. I imagine that it could be difficult defeating the Dopplegangers without losing both Dukes, but with a little planning of your attack positions and careful choice of weapons, it is not so bad. It was in this battle with 6 Hastened Dopplegangers, that I became a true believer in the usefulness of the Arrows of Dispelling.

Before using that stairway in the Thieves Guild, it is a good idea to restock at Black Lily's, and/or to leave the Guild and restock at the Sorcerous Sundries. Among other things, I got some more Arrows of Dispelling. :)

Be sure to rest and have your magic users memorize lots of healing spells as you will need them soon.

The Thieves Maze
Quest Pursue Sarevok into the Thieves Maze
Quest giver Duke Belt (could have been Liia?) teleported you to the Thieves Guild
Quest giver location Ducal Palace, main room first floor
Quest prelude The surviving Duke teleported you to the Thieves Guild (Area-A, #40). If you have not healed, rested, and restocked, now is a good time to leave the Guild and take care of things. Once rested and resupplied, it is time to go back to those stairs in the Thieves Guild and see what lies below.
Quest solution Near the stairs in the Thieves Guild, Denkod tells you that Sarevok went down the stairs. He also suggests that Black Lily can fix you up with some supplies, but you have already done that, right?

If you picked up the Clairvoyance scroll on the 3rd floor of the Ducal Palace and/or the one when you killed Krystin in the Undercellars, one will come in handy shortly.

Go down the stairs and enter the Thieves Maze. At the bottom of the stairs you meet Voleta Stiletto. She has been struck down by Sarevok as he passed through. She tells you that the Maze leads to the ruins of a city underneath Baldurs Gate, the Undercity.

If you have a Clairvoyance scroll (or spell), use it now to display the entire Maze and aid you in picking a route through (I drew a map). If not, just press on into the Maze. As you find your way through the Maze you will encounter a number of monsters and traps. It is best to have your Thief scout ahead using his Detect Trap ability and Boots of Speed. Then when he detects a trap he can disarm it, and when he encounters a monster, he can run from it while the rest of the party sets up an ambush or other suitable welcome. Careful with the Boots of Speed though, don't move your Thief ahead too fast or he will step on the Traps before he can detect them. Also, my perception was that there seemed to be Green splotches on the walls near where there were Traps, but I could be wrong.

In the first East-West winding passages you will encounter Green Slimes, Ocre Jellies, and Mustard (2000xp) Jellies in that order. I just let my Thief lead these back onto the blades of my waiting Rangers, one using a Long Sword +2 and the other a Halberd +2. I had no problems with these blobs.

Now things get tougher. After the winding East-West passages you enter a long North-South passage which has two Doom Guards. These followed my fast Thief back to the waiting party which opened up with ranged weapons as soon as they were in range. I used Bullets +2, Arrows +2, a Wand of Lightning, and a Wand of the Heavens, but still the Doom Guards kept coming. When they got close to the party I had the Leader switch to his Long Sword +2 to halt the advance of the Doom Guards and protect the rest of the party. The Doom Guards finally went down, but my party Leader, the only one injured, lost about 1/3 of his hit points. Killing the Doom Guards gets you 2000xp each, but no goodies.

You can now travel to the top of the Maze, then turn South. In this passage there are 4 traps and two Skeleton Warriors that have a ranged attack. As soon as my Thief got to the first trap, the first Skeleton Warrior spotted him and attacked with Arrows of Ice. I retreated my Thief back through the 7 Skeletons called up (Animate Dead) by my Cleric. Once my animated Skeletons engaged the Skeleton Warrior, it stopped using its Arrows of Cold and went to its 2-handed sword. While the Skeleton warrior was busy with the animated Skeletons, part of my party attacked with Bullets +2 (not too bad), Arrows of Cold (not too good), and one Ranger used a Long Sword +2 (OK) and the other a Halberd +2 (very good - can attack from behind my group of animated Skeletons). My Thief took a little damage from the initial encounter with the Skeleton Warrior's Cold Arrows, but no one else was hurt. The Skeleton Warrior went down after killing 6 of the animated Skeletons, and left a 2-Handed Sword, some Arrows of Ice, some regular arrows, a Composite Long Bow, and 4000xp.

Further down the same passage, before getting to the fourth trap, my Thief encountered the second Skeleton Warrior with ranged attack. I used the same tactics to deal with this one, except that I had the one remaining animated Skeleton tie up the Skeleton Warrior so it didn't shoot my Thief. My Cleric quickly animated more Skeletons to continue the battle and this Skeleton Warrior was defeated in the same manner as the previous one.

Be sure to use Animate Dead or Summon Monster to engage these first two Skeleton Warriors, then try to attack with ranged weapons. Although arrows and bullets are not highly successful in hitting and damaging the Skeletons, they do keep your party from being beat up too much. But you will use up a lot of your ranged ammunition. However, I did discover that you can leave the Maze at any time, go back and buy more supplies, then return to the Maze without the monsters you killed regenerating. I also tried once to rest in the Maze, and that worked just fine (at least I wasn't attacked).

Further on into the Maze there are more Doom Guards, Skeleton Warriors (but these do not have a ranged attack), and Invisible Stalkers. The new Skeleton Warriors carry 2-Handed Swords +1, but they can be taken out with lots of missiles, or get up close and personal and wack them for awhile. With the Invisible Stalkers, I just had my Thief lead them back to the party, then killed them with arrows and bullets (you may have to Purge Invisibility to see them). There are also more traps, so be sure your Thief is always in Detect Trap mode when exploring.

Eventually you'll find Winski Perorate who tells you that he was Sarevok's mentor who tutored him in the blackest of rituals. But Sarevok has cast Perorate aside because he helped to rescue Sarevok instead of killing the Grand Dukes as he was suppose to. Perorate tells you that Sarevok is now in the Undercity waiting to finish you off. The entrance to the Undercity is next to where you find Perorate.

Quest notes I did the best in the Maze by letting my Thief scout ahead with his Boots of Speed and in Detect Trap mode. The first Skeleton Warriors are very tough, but can be taken out with ranged weapons while Animated Dead Skeletons (or Summoned Monsters) keep them busy and keep them from using their ranged weapons. A Halberd also works quite well as the user can be behind the screen of animated Skeletons. (I didn't have any fighters with crushing weapons which should have worked the best. And I should have used my potions of Strength, or my leaders "Draw Upon Holy Might" ability, to aid my melee characters.....but alas, I forgot <sigh>).

After finding the entrance to the Undercity, I went back through the Maze to the Thieves Guild, exited to Area-A, resupplied (replaced all those arrows and bullets I used on the Skeleton Warriors), then healed and rested my party. When I re-entered the Thieves Maze, none of the monsters had regenerated (now there's a HUGE break!), so it was just a matter of winding my way back to the entrance to the Undercity. But not to fear, I had made a map. :)

The Undercity
Quest Pursue Sarevok in the Undercity
Quest giver Winski Perorate, and Sarevok's hot trail
Quest giver location The Thieves Maze
Quest prelude The Undercity is mostly ruins except for a Temple in the north central part of the map.
Quest solution Basically there are three major activities in the Undercity. I will discuss each of these in turn. They are: the Undercity and its denizens, Rahvin's party, and Tamoko. Of these, the battle with Rahvin's party was the most interesting.

Undercity and Denizens

You enter the Undercity on its East side. I had my party wait where they entered, put my Thief in stealth mode, and had him scout the Undercity. Scattered around in the streets and among the ruins are parties of Skeletons, Ghasts, and Zombie's. Some of these parties are very large containing 20 or more minions. There was also one, thankfully small, party of Skeleton Warriors which I avoided altogether.

I had my Thief scout the Undercity mapping the locations of the ruins (this could be done with a Clairvoyance scroll or spell) and the locations of the evil denizens. It was soon clear that, from the entrance, a straight path West would lead to the only standing building in the Undercity, the probable location of Sarevok.

When my Thief returned, for some fun I first took my party South then West to attack a couple of the larger parties of Skeletons. These were easily taken out with two or three Fireballs. Tiring of this, and to avoid the many other parties of denizens, I retraced my steps back to where I had entered the Undercellar and prepared to move down that long street to the West (sort of like the showdown in the movie High Noon?).

OK, let's get on with it, right! There is a small party of Ghasts in the first ruins just South of where you enter the Undercity. This is the only group that might hinder your path down the street, so I suggest taking them out using ranged weapons. If you don't take them out you might later be attacked from the rear while dealing with Rahvin's party.

Rahvin's Party
Part way down the street you will encounter Rahvin's party of Iron Throne members searching for Sarevok. Rahvin decides that they should practice on you and your party before taking on Sarevok.

If you approach from the East (like I did), Rahvin, Haseo, and Gorf will be in front, and Wudei, Carston, and Shaldrissa behind them. Two of the six are magic users (Wudei and Shaldrissa) and two are archers (Carston and Rahvin). I had read that this party is very formidable with wicked ranged attacks, so I advanced my Thief in stealth mode down the center of the street until he could just see the first three. Then I brought the rest of the party forward and dispersed them behind my Thief on both sides of the street in the doorway's of ruins.

Next I moved my Thief closer to Rahvin until Rahvin 'noticed' him. Rahvin talked to my Thief, went RED, but did not attack because he could not see him (kind of lame, huh, but this is just the way the game works). Now I backed my Thief up so he could again only just see Rahvin and the two enemies with him (I don't what him hit by what is to come!). My Thief is now my artillery forward observer as he can see some of the enemy, and call in the big guns (area spells) on them. And the rest of my party has the 'big guns'. They open up with a Wand of Fireballs, two Necklaces of Missiles (like Fireballs), and Arrows of Detonation (also like Fireballs). This causes some of my people to advance a bit from their hiding places, but the combined effects of 8 to 10 Fireballs brings down two of the front three enemies. The third was polished off with a few carefully placed +2 arrows. My Thief just quietly watched the action.

I dispatched the last three (some had been damaged by the first barrage of Fireballs) in much the same way, advancing my stealthed Thief until he could spot them, then brought in the Fireballs, and took care of any stragglers with +2 arrows. Searching the 6 bodies I found two Rings of Protection +1, a Traveler's Robe, Plate Armor, Studded Leather +1, Arrows of Acid, Arrows +2, Arrows of Piercing, Arrows of Detonation, Arrows of Biting, Arrows of Ice, and Arrows of Fire. Without a doubt Rahvin's two archers could have caused some real damage to my party had they been able to get some shots off in my direction. I suspect that the two magic users may have also been a problem if they had been able to get off some spells.

As you continue your advance down the street, after disposing of Rahvin's party, Tamoko will approach you near the 'Temple' and initiate a conversation. She tells you that she must fight you to regain Sarevok's trust. You can talk her out of this, and she will leave with some comment about how happy she is that you ARE really different than Sarevok. Or, you can fight her. She is alone, and ranged weapons work pretty well and will take her out before she can do much damage. If you kill her, you get a Flail +1, a Full Plate Mail +1, and a Large Shield +1. There was no immediate advantage in letting her go that I could determine. (Perhaps the battle with Sarevok would have gone differently?) Anyway, we killed her and took her Full Plate Mail +1.
Quest notes Basically, you can enter the Undercity, move straight ahead to the West, battle Rahvin's merry band, do battle with or talk to Tamoko, and go directly to the Temple of Bhaal where Sarevok awaits. However, you should be a little careful with Rahvin's battle as the party of six packs some formidable firepower. Scout them out with a stealthed Thief, lob Fireballs and Arrows of Detonation into the party from afar, then move in to administer the coup de grace to any who may have survive your artillery onslaught. Dealing with Tamoko should not be too tough, but if you kill her, be sure to pick up her Full Plate Armor +1 if you can use it. Exploring the rest of the Undercity is optional and the denizens not difficult if you used Fireballs to clear the streets!
The Final Battle
Quest Defeat Sarevok and his minions in the last battle
Quest giver The plot line of the game
Quest giver location On your computer
Quest prelude Here you are, ready to face and destroy Sarevok, which is the direction the game has been steering you since the beginning. Awaiting you in the Temple of Bhaal are Sarevok, Angelo, Semaj, and Tazok. Be ready to give them your best!

The following quest solution is more a narrative of how I managed to defeat Sarevok. The first time I tried this battle, I won it. Then, as I was writing this guide, I tried it do it again quickly, but lost (wasn't careful about what I did, but also wanted to see what capabilities the enemy had). Then I tried it a third time, using my original tactics, and won without much difficulty. Below is what I did to win. I'll try to summarize the important points in the Quest Notes.

Quest solution OK, this is it! The final battle awaits you very shortly. Heal anyone who needs it now! Enter the Temple. Along the left wall there are some Lightning traps. Along the right wall there are some Battle Horrors that may appear. The Lightning traps my Thief (90% Traps) was able to find and disarm. However, I could not discover what triggered the Battle Horrors along the right wall. I could not find any traps along this wall, and I got no messages about traps being sprung when the Battle Horrors appeared. I did discover that if I stayed away from the right wall and moved forward about 1/2 way between the right wall and the skull emblem in the center of the room, I could avoid causing the Battle Horrors to appear. You really want to avoid the Battle Horrors if possible as you don't want to be distracted or wounded going into your battle with Sarevok.

There are Traps around the skull emblem that my Thief could not disable. I tripped some to see what happened, and some sort of missile (Arrow?) came from somewhere and damaged the person who stepped on the trap. So I would advise avoiding the skull emblem (on the floor) area in the center of the room too.

So much for the preliminaries, now on to Sarevok. Sarevok and his friends are on the altar at the top of the room, although you cannot see them at this time. I advanced my stealthed Thief up the right side of the skull emblem until he could just see the altar. Nothing! (Note: If you advance him too close, Sarevok will initiate a conversation at the end of which the battle will start with Semaj teleporting out into your part of the room). I moved my Thief back a bit, then moved a Ranger and Cleric up behind him, but kept the three spread out. Up the left side of the skull emblem I moved my other Ranger followed by my Mage and Fighter/Druid.

Next my Mage, on the left, and my Ranger and Cleric, on the right, open up with Fireballs and Necklaces of Missiles (also Fireballs). All these I aim to hit close to, but in front of, the altar. This was so my characters wouldn't have to advance in to Sarevok's vision. I still cannot see anyone, but after about three rounds of Fireballs there are messages that Tazok is starting to hurt. I cannot see anyone, so I have my Fighter/Druid cast Purge Invisibility. Now I can see Tazok in front of the altar on my right side, but I cannot see anyone else. Next an Arrow of Dispelling and a couple of Arrows of Detonation and Tazok is history. One down and three to go.

Now I go back to the Wand of Fireballs and two Necklaces of Missiles and move the point of my attack slowly up onto the altar. This causes my shooters to advance a little bit (be sure none step in the skull emblem area), but the Fireballs are now causing damage to Angelo and Semaj, although I cannot see them. I keep blindly pounding with the Fireballs until I make a mistake (hit some wrong key) which causes my Mage to walk up close to the altar - DUMMY!. Sarevok sees her and initiates his conversation and declares that he will kill us all! He and his friends start their attack.

I retreat my Mage back towards her firing position while continuing my Fireball attack from the two people on the right side with the Necklaces of Missiles. Once Sarevok finishes his talk, I can see Angelo on the left side of the altar. He is shielded and attempting to cast some spells, so I have my left-side Ranger hit him with a couple Arrows of Dispelling, which removes his shield. Semaj is now taking damage (from the Fireballs), but I cannot see him or Sarevok. Sarevok must have very high magic resistance since he takes no Fireball damage. Semaj dies, a victim of Fireball damage (I never did see him, only his robe laying on the altar after he died).

With my Mage back in position away from the altar, she uses her Wand of Monsters towards Angelo and Wolves attack him from 3 sides. My Cleric has used up her Necklace of Missiles, so switches to a Wand of the Heaves and attacks Angelo. My left side ranger switches to Arrows of Piercing (THAC0 +4, +6 physical damage) and soon Angelo goes down. Someone, Semaj (before he died?), or Angelo or Sarevok has cast Web near my characters on the right side. This ties up my Ranger leader, but the Thief and Cleric make their saves and escape for awhile.

Now my Cleric is casting Animate Dead as my Mage uses her wand to summon more monsters. The front of the altar is full of monsters, and soon I see Sarevok. But he cannot get off the altar without fighting my summoned monsters. My left-side Ranger uses Arrows of Piercing, and when my right-side Ranger finally saves vs the Web, he uses the same. My Mage uses her wand to bring up even more monsters and the remaining party members switch to Bullets +2. Now Sarevok is surrounded by Skeletons, Wolves, War Dogs, Hobgoblins, and Gnoll Elites who are keeping him from advancing (or casting spells, which I assume he can do). Although Sarevok can strike down the summoned monsters quickly, I can summon more even quicker. Plus the Arrows of Piercing are now taking a toll on Sarevok, and soon he dies, struck down by one of the summoned Hobgoblins. Drat, I didn't even get the satisfaction of striking the final blow! Oh well!

So that's how it went for me. After Sarevok dies, you go right into the end movie, so I didn't have time to assess any damage to my party members. I do know that no one died, and no one was damaged very much. Perhaps I was lucky! In any case, THE GAME IS OVER!

Quest notes I feel that the key to this battle is lots of summoned monsters and lots of Fireballs.

Spread out your party, half on one side of the room, half on the other. Avoid getting too close to the altar as that will cause Sarevok and his helpers to go on the offense early. Go fishing, plunk some Fireballs in front of the altar and see what you hit. When you start getting hits, cast Purge Invisibility. Slowly walk the Fireballs up onto the front part of the altar. When an enemy comes into view, have your archers use Arrows of Detonation.

When you feel you've got about all you are going to get out of the Fireballs and Detonation Arrows, start summoning monsters, lots of monsters, and walk them towards the altar. When you see a shielded magic user (both Semaj and Angelo will use shields), use Arrows of Dispelling. Sarevok apparently cannot be hurt by Magic, but his companions can!

Try to eliminate Sarevok's companions as soon as possible as they will cast some nasty Web and lots of Fireball spells early on. Once they are gone concentrate everything on Sarevok. Get lots of summoned monsters around him and hit him with your best missile weapons. I used Bullets +2 (just for the THAC0 increase) and Arrows of Piercing (for the same reason). It also helps if you are lucky and get some decent summoned monsters that can also do damage to Sarevok with melee and ranged weapons.

Musts for this battle: Wand(s) of Summoning and Fireball, Animate Dead spells, Necklace(s) of Missiles, and Arrows of Dispelling and Detonation.

In a Nutshell Fireball, Fireball, Fireball, Fireball...., summon monster, summon monster, summon monster, summon monster, then Arrows of Dispelling and Piercing....good luck.
Footnote No doubt some potions of Resist Magic and/or Free Action and/or Haste would come in very handy in this battle. But the battle can be won without them too, as I discovered. :)
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