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Speak with Dadeross
From S'Ton
Where Dagger Wound Island, Starting Location, or he will find you wherever you go (if he doesn't get killed that is).
Task Find and speak with Dadeross
Difficulty If you can not finish this quest it is time to put the game back in the box and return it to the store that you purchased it from.
Solution Dadeross is located at the Clan Leader Hall (#23 on the DWI Map).
Deliver the Cure Disease Scrolls
From Aislen
Where Dagger Wound Island, Building #7
Task Bring six scrolls of Cure Disease to the huts on the outter islands.
Difficulty For the most part it is quite basic. As long as you don't get killed by the pirates you should have no problem with this quest. But since ther e are lots of pirates it is easy to get killed. HINT : You don't have to fight them, for the most part if you have run on, you can just run by them.
Solution Aislen give you three of the scrolls you will need to complete this task, you will need to find another three along the way to finish the task. If you do the Abandoned Temple first, you will most likely find the other three there; but they can also be found in some of the chests around that area. Take the six scrolls the huts (#29 and #33) on the outter islands via the teleporters. Once this is done, don't forget to return to Aislen's House at #7.
Prophecy of the Snake
From Tisk
Where Dagger Wound Island, Building #15
Task Bring him the Prophecy of the Snake from the Abandoned Temple (#32 DWI).
Difficulty Once you get out to the Abandoned temple you will find that it isn't very easy for a low level character. I suggest that you hone your skills a little on the pirates before you head out here, try and pick up a level or two.
Solution As long as you have to go through the Abandoned Temple, You should finish this quest quite easily. If you follow the walkthru (SPOILER) for the Abandoned temple on this site you will find the idol you are looking for - See that document for the spoiler, I won't ruin it for you here.
Find Isthric and Fix the portals
From Rohtnax
Where Dagger Wound Island, Building #17
Task Find Rohtnax's Brother (Isthric) on the outter islands and fix the portals of stone.
Difficulty Another beginning quest that shouldn't be too difficult. On your way out to the Abandoned temple you can finish this quest with one quick little stop.
Solution You have to use the teleporters to get off the island, so go for it. When you get out to the islands you will find Isthric in Hut #30. Tell him about your quest and you'll be all set to go.
Hunt for the Idol
From Hiss
Where Dagger Wound Island, #21
Task Bring back the Idol for him from the Abandoned Temple.
Difficulty As long as you can handle the creatures in the temple, it shouldn't be too difficult. The most difficult part is figuring out the trick to get the idol. See the walkthru (SPOILER) for the Abandoned temple if you want the answer.
Solution Shease, everything leads you to this thing, I guess there is no choice but to get out there and find everything. If you want to have the dungeon spoiled for you then check out the spoilers page and follow the walkthru for the temple.
Crystal Courier
From Brekish Onefang
Where Dagger Wound Island, Clan Leader Hall #23
Task Take the crystal to Fredrick Tallimere (#19)
Difficulty Again, a natural progression of the game, so it shouldn't be too hard.
Solution Just head to Tallimere's house and he should now join your party as a cleric.
Onefang's Mailman
From Brekish Onefang
Where Dagger Wound Island, Clan Leader Hall #23
Task Take the letter to Elgar Fellmoon in Ravenshore.
Difficulty No problem here, you have to have the Abandoned temple done first, but after that there is nothing from stopping you from finishing this up very quickly.
Solution Jump on the Windling and head to Ravenshore. Look up Talimere in at the Merchant House of Alvar (#9), that's about it.
Cure Yellow Fever
From Languid
Where Dagger Wound Island, #28
Task Find an Anointed Potion and bring it back to him to cure the Yellow Fever.
Difficulty You need to have a party that can fight to finsih this quest. If you can go out onto the plains near Ravenshore and take out the dire wolves without too much trouble then you are OK. But I also recommend trying to do this quest early because you'll get some excellent loot!
Solution You need to get over to Ravenshore and get established there. Head west toward the mountains and follow them along till you see a pass in the mountains (lightly above the standard ground), it should be to the south of the path going up to the church. Go over the mountains, along the water and into the cave. This is the Smuggler's Cove. Work your way to the chest in the room with all the traps to get the potion you need. Head back to Ravenshore and then back to DWI. Return the potion to Languid and you've finsihed the quest.

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