How to Make Fancy Maps

The maps take a while to make, but once you get the hang of it, they aren't all that difficult. I do everything (almost) in Photoshop, I don't know how to do it in any other package. But basically I start with a square, Pixelate it at 75, Pixelate again at 15. Select the now odd shaped object, and Stroke a brown border on it. Render clouds into the main background. Select both border and map and then gausian blur the entire thing. Now it looks like a nice old map. You add in your little map of the world and blur or feather in the edges. Now save and load it with MS Photo Editor and then texturize it using burlap. Back to photoshop and fill out otter wite with white to get rid of the unwanted textures. Now just add text and your done! EASY!

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