Mandate Mania Thieves

Here is the name of the magazine that stole information from this web site and then published it in their magazine without credit to this site or the people who did the work. They are making a profit from this work and are trying not to pay for the stolen works (their standard fee is not acceptable, that what you pay when buy something from someone, not when you've been caught stealing).
PC Joker from Germany
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Editor's Email (Actual Thief)
Feel free to send them email (all of them) telling them how you feel about having material stolen and then published for profit without compensating the authors. I do not encourage you to hack their web site, add their email addresses to spam lists, send huge files to them, or anything like that. 

Even though there has been as settlement, I still feel as though we were cheated. Please read the transcript that is posted on this situation, and then decided if you should let them know what you think.

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