Spells Alphabetically

Spell Skill
Acid Burst Water
Armageddon Dark
Awaken Water
Blades Earth
Bless Spirit
Charm Mind
Cold Beam Water
Create Food Light
Cure Disease Body
Cure Insanity Mind
Cure Poison Body
Cure Weakness Body
Cure Wounds Body
Dark Containment Dark
Day of Protection Dark
Day of the Gods Light
Deadly Swarm Earth
Death Blossom Earth
Destroy Undead Light
Dispel Magic Light
Divine Intervention Light
Dragon Breath Dark
Enchant Item Water
Feather Fall Air
Feeblemind Mind
Finger of Death Dark
Fire Blast Fire
Fire Bolt Fire
Fireball Fire
First Aid Body
Flame Arrow Fire
Fly Air
Flying Fist Body
Golden Touch Light
Guardian Angel Spirit
Harm Body
Haste Fire
Healing Touch Spirit
Heroism Spirit
Hour of Power Light
Ice Blast Water
Ice Bolt Water
Implosion Air
Incinerate Fire
Inferno Fire
Jump Air
Lightning Bolt Air
Lloyd's Beacon Water
Lucky Day Spirit
Magic Arrow Earth
Mass Curse Dark
Mass Distortion Earth
Mass Fear Mind
Meditation Mind
Meteor Shower Fire
Mind Blast Mind
Moon Ray Dark
Paralyze Light
Poison Spray Water
Power Body
Power Cure Body
Precision Mind
Prismatic Light Light
Protection from Cold Water
Protection from Fire Fire
Protection from Magic Earth
Protection from Poison Body
Psychic Shock Mind
Raise Dead Spirit
Reanimate Dark
Remove Curse Spirit
Remove Fear Mind
Resurrection Spirit
Ring of Fire Fire
Rock Blast Earth
Shared Life Spirit
Shield Air
Shrapmetal Dark
Shrinking Ray Dark
Slow Light
Sparks Air
Speed Body
Spirit Arrow Spirit
Starburst Air
Static Charge Air
Stone Skin Earth
Stone to Flesh Earth
Stun Earth
Sunray Light
Telekinesis Mind
Torch Light Fire
Town Portal Water
Toxic Cloud Dark
Turn Undead Spirit
Turn to Stone Earth
Water Walk Water
Wizard Eye Air

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