Ring of Fire Cheat

This is a must know for all Might and Magic VI gamers. This is a move which is extremely handy in all dungeons with doors. It is typical to sometimes walk into a dungeon and barely be able to make your way through it. First you must stand next to a closed dungeon door. Make sure you have your Wizard eye spell on, and then cast Ring of Fire, effectively waking up everyone within the vicinity of the room. Then back up a couple steps, and start shooting arrows. You will notice that the arrows not only pass through the door, but also damage the enemies within. I know it is extremely cheesy, but hey that's what cheats are all about right? Also sometimes you will notice that on dungeon doors, if you move up close to it that you can see tiny cracks between the dungeon door, and the wall. This is an effective way to swing on people through the crack, and not receive the least bit of damage back in return. All in all the key to successfully pulling off this move is to have Wizard eye on, stand close to the dungeon door, cast ring of fire to wake the enemies up, then stand back far enough to shoot arrows. 

Verified in version 1.0

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