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You don't need to save any of the quest items (scrolls, keys, etc.) after you have completed the quest, but make sure that you have actually competed the quest before you drop them! All of the quest items for the entire game will fill about 2/3 of one character's inventory. Some of the scrolls, etc. are taken by the person who rewards you so this helps a little. 

If you're like me and want to save everything anyway, there ARE some chests that do not empty out and will save your stuff indefinitely. You have to experiment a little bit, but I've found that Cabinets are usually safe, as well as most chests in the Temples of Baa.

Go to the town of Blackshire, and to that house where you were given the quest to place statuettes on the pedestals. You can use the same chest to store items. And they WILL be there the next day. NOTE: If you complete this quest when you have stuff in it, the stuff will be replaced with your reward, so remove your stuff before returning with the completed quest.

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