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The keep is indeed very confusing, and I cannot really say anything besides keep looking around until you find two plagues / signs. If you push them, the wall next to them will lower, revealing a switch. Now, one of these switches / levers will lower a section of a wall, revealing a large cavern beyond it. There are tons more of those darn eyes behind it, and yes you have to kill them all. Once you've done that (poison cloud from Dark Magic works rather well against them), you will walk on to a really large cavern, that has a small keep in the middle of it. Around the keep are about 100 more of these eyes. you can kill them for some loot (they have about a 50% chance of having really cool rings on them), but you can just ignore them, they lead really nowhere. 

Enter the keep, and you will come into a large central area after going up a staircase to either side of the entrance. Another 20+ liches and 20+ eyes await you here. After clearing them out, go up at the end of the room, and walk over the balcony back to the beginning (front) of the keep. Then you can go around the large central area, and eventually (either side will lead here), you will end up in the last of the large rooms, with another 50+ combined liches and eyes to kill. Once you've done that, to the side, there is a large column hanging from the ceiling. Just to the left of that column is the memory crystal, but if you double click the column itself, you will be transported to another area, where the book of liches is. Btw, there are three dead people here, from which you can steal some items. This is of course bad to your reputation (how does anyone KNOW you steal these things I wonder..) but they give you some really cool items (Ultimate boots of the gods for example).

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