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On the key - I am not sure what room you are talking (in the New Haven sewers) about. I found a key in one of the sewer grates that let me open a room with treasure in it. Sorry not sure what grate, but it was a 'single' grate (not one in a row with others or even two next too each other, just a single gate at the end of a corridor, or a corner turn of a corridor). Do you know what that strange room with the circle and patterns on the floor and ceiling is? It almost looks like it shold be some type of teleporter.
He's in a secret room in the far northwest corner of the sewers. He's "hiding under the bed"-- that is, if you click the bed, you'll capture him. (No fight-- he just joins you like any other quest NPC.) NOTE: You must have the quest to find him.

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