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There is no warlord. There is a large hall with a lot of flamebuex(double-locked doors), to the north is a room, enter the room and kill the cusinart, then go into west room. There you will find 2 keys in chest of drawers, One of them can be used to open a secret room north of the room. Inside is a chest, open to find a message from Lord Temper to a Kregmond(warlord), return to Lord Temper with the message and your quest is complete.
Your mast find only letter from Temper to Warlord(about warlords knight promotion) & return it to Temper. This enough to complete the quest.
To the North of a room filled with Death Knights and cusinarts there's a small room with beautiful chest with drawers and a very small compartment with one single chest (afaik a hidden door leads to that compartment - try to click anywhere on the North wall). Open the chest and get resignation papers - that's a proof required

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