NPC Character List

Acolyte Bless once per day
Alchemist Unlimited Magic Item Repairs
Arms Master +2 All Arms & Weapons
Banker +20% Gold
Bard +1 Reputation
Barrister +8 Diplomacy
Burgler +8 Disarm, -1 Reputation
Cartographer Wizard's Eye Always
Chef -2 Food Usage
Chimney Sweep +20 Luck
Clerk No Skills
Cobbler No Skills
Cook Makes 1 food per day
Cooper No Skills
Counselor +4 Diplomacy
Duper +8 Merchant, -1 Reputation
Enchanter +20 Element Resistances
Explorer -1 Day Travel
Factor +10% Gold
Farmer No Skills
Follower of Baa No Skills
Fool +5 Luck
Gate Master Town Portal once per day
Guide Map Crossings 1 day faster
Gypsy -1 Food when Resting, +3 Merchant, -1 Reputation
Healer Cures all HP's once per day
Horseman -2 days travel by stable
Instructor +15% Experience
Laborer No Skills
Locksmith +6 Disarm
Master Healer Cures & Heals Party once per day
Merchant +6 Merchant Skill
Miller No Skills
Mystic +3 to all Spell Skill
Navigator Boat Travel 3 days faster
Negotiator +4 Merchant, +4 Diplomacy
Noble No Skills
Pathfinder Map Crossings 3 days faster
Peasant No Skills
Piper Heroism once per day
Pirate -2 Days Boat Travel, +10% Gold, & -1 Reputation
Porter -1 food when camping
Potter No Skills
Psychic +5 Perception, +10 Luck
Sailor Boat Travel 2 days faster
Scholar Unlimited Identify & +5% Experience
Scout +6 Perception
Scribe No Skills
Serf No Skills
Spell Master +4 all spell skills
Squire +2 skill Weapons & Armor
Tailor No Skills
Teacher +10% Experience
Tracker -2 Days Map Travel
Trader +4 Merchant Skill
Tracker Map Crossings 2 days faster
Water Master Water Walk once per day
Weapons Master +3 All Weapons Skills
Weaver No Skills
Wind Master Fly once per day

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