1 Free Haven Temple
2 H: Scout (+6 Perception)
3 Adept Guild of Mind
4 E: Shield; Sewer Entrance
5 The Sharpening Stone Blacksmith
6 Duelists' Edge (S: Mace, Bow, Chain, Shield, Bodybuilding
7 Well (+2 Might P)
8 E: Disarm
9 J: Smuggler's Guild; Sewer Entrance (Up or Side)
10 H: Gabriel Cartman
11 H: Merchant (+6 Merchant)
12 E: Plate Armor
13 The Foundry Armory
14 Abdul's Discount Goods General Store
15 E: Water Magic
16 H: Stone Cutter (No Skills)
17 H: Gate Master (Town Portal Once Per Day)
18 H: Duper (+8 Merchant, -1 Reputation)
19 The Sorcerers Shoppe Magic
20 Free Haven Travel West Coach
21 Fountain (+25 HP)
22 H: Zoltan Phelps
23 J: Duelists' Edge
24 Docks (Windrunner)
25 E: Fire Magic; H: Acolyte (Bless Once Per Day)
26 E: Air Magic, Earth Magic
27 H: Mystic (+3 Spell Skills)
28 H: Quarter Master (-2 Food When Camping)
29 Free Haven Academy Training Center
30 H: Chef (+2 Food Per Day)
31 Foreign Exchange Bank
32 Sewer Entrance
33 Adept Guild of Spirit (S: Spirit Magic, Meditation)
34 H: Carpenter (No Skills)
35 H: Spell Master (+4 Spell Skills)
36 Dragon Tower
37 E: Merchant
38 E: Diplomacy
39 Bard (+1 Reputation)
40 Noble (No Skills)
41 The Echoing Whisper Tavern
42 Alchemy and Incantations Magic Shop
43 H: Potter (No Skills)
44 H: Merchant (+6 Merchant)
45 J: Adept Guild of Fire
46 J: Adept Guild of Earth
47 H: Bard (+1 Reputation); Sewer Entrance
48 M: Identification
49 Adept Guild of Earth (S: Earth Magic, Learning)
50 E: Dagger
51 E: Swordsmanship
52 J: Adept Guild of Air
53 J: Adept Guild of Water; Sewer Entrance
54 Adept Guild of Air (S: Air Magic, Learning)
55 Adept Guild of Fire (S: Fire Magic, Learning)
56 Adept Guild of Body (S: Body Magic, Learning)
57 H: Trader (+4 Merchant); Sewer Entrance
58 High Council
59 Footman's Friend Armory
60 Feathers and Strings Blacksmith
61 Free Haven Travel East
62 Viktor's Hall Tavern
63 J: Adept Guild of Body
64 J: Adept Guild of Mind
65 E: Mind Magic
66 J: Adept Guild of Spirit
67 E: Body Magic
68 E: Spirit Magic
69 Adept Guild of Water (S: Water Magic, Learning)
70 Shrine of Accuracy
71 H: Carlo Tormini
72 H: Lawrence Aleman (Gongs)

Not Shown

Castle Temper (Throne Room - Down; M: Plate Armor - Up)
Dragoons Keep (South Central)
Temple Baa (Southwest)
Tomb of Ethric the Mad (West)
Obelisk (West)
Temple of the Moon (Northwest)
H: Weapons Master (+3 Weapon Skills)
M: Body Building (Northwest)
Rockham's Pride Tavern (West)
H: Lon Miller (Northwest) (Bones)

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