LLoyd's Beacon Cheat / Bug

This really isn't a cheat, more of a "feature" of the game. The Lloyd's Beacon spell lets you set five different beacons. But it is interesting to note that these beacons are set based on what position your character is in in the party. For example, in my party I only had one person with the beacon spell, he was in the fourth position (far right portrait on the screen). If you set the beacons with him; and then moved him to another position (Control Click on the place you want him to move to when he is selected), say the third, you can set ANOTHER five beacons. You can move back and forth between positions to have a total of 20 beacons set! This makes transporting around the world much easier. 

Note : It has been shown that this cheat does NOT work at all for any version of the game. It LOOKS like it would work (the text under the picture changes), but it really does nothing but overwrite the old beacon!

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