Goblin Watch Key
A Trap
B Open 4 Close 5
C Open 5 Close 4
D Open 1 Close 5
E Open 5 Close 1
F Open 2 Close 4
G Open 6
H Open 3 Close 2
I Open 2 Close 3
J Open 2 Close 1
K Open 6 Close 5
L Open 3 Close 4
M Maintance
N Open 1 Close 2
O Open 5 Close 6
P Reset
Hint to the solution
Start with opening Door #1 and plan on proceeding in order. Whatever door gets closed when you open one should be the next one that you want to open. 
Click HERE for the Solution
Opening the door is NOT the end of the quest, you must have the piece of paper with the combination (listed above) on it. This piece of paper is located in another part of the dungeon.

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