Permanent Fountains and Wells
Location Enhancement
New Sorpigal +2 Luck
Bootleg Bay +2 Intelligence (NE Island)
Bootleg Bay +2 Personality (SE Island)
Free Haven +2 Might (8 draws)
Silver Cove +2 Accuracy (7 draws)
Silver Cove +2 Speed (7 draws)
Whitecap +5 Might & Death
Whitecap +5 Endurance & Death
Blackshire +5 Magic Resistance & Diseased
Kriegsprie (North of the Temple of Baa) +5 Elemental Resistance & Death
Boot Leg Bay (mainland) +5 Intelligence & Personality, & Diseased
Kriegspire +10 Magic Resistance & Eradication
Dragonsand +10 to All 7 Stats & Eradication
Dragonsand +10 to Elemental Resistance & Eradication
Hermit's Isle (top-center of SE quadrant) Restores Normal Age 
(Fountain of Youth)
* Stat must be below 14 and you must NOT have used the Shrine to enhance the stat before drinking from the fountains. A maximum of 8 uses at once (waiting a few days will replenish the supply)
Temporary Fountains and Wells
Location Enhancement
Mist +5 Elemental Resistance
New Sorpigal +10 Might
Mist +10 Intelligence & Personality
Ironfist +10 Speed
Ironfist +10 Accuracy
Castle Stone +10 Levels
Mist +20 Luck
Silver Cove +20 Intelligence & Personality
Bootleg Bay +20 Might
Eel Infested Waters (SW Island) +20 Elemental Resistance
Eel Infested Waters (SE Island) +20 Magic Resistance
West Island South of Icewind Keep +20 Accuracy & Speed
West Island South of Icewind Keep +20 Armor
Kriegspire +30 Levels
Castle Stromgard +30 Might
Blackshire +30 Magic Resistance & Stoned
Kriegspire Castle +40 Armor Class
SE Sweet Water +40 to all seven stats
Blackshire +50 Luck
NWC Dungeon +256 to all stats
Refill Fountains and Wells
Location Enhancement
New Sorpigal +5 Hit Points
New Sorpigal +5 Spell Points
Arena +10 Hit Points
Free Haven +10 Hit Points (in the Sewers)
Mist +10 Spell Points
Bootleg Bay +20 Spell Points (Fountain of Magic)
Free Haven +25 Hit Points
Silver Cove +25 Spell Points
Blackshire +50 Spell Points
Dragonsand +50 Hit Points
Kriegspire +5000 Experience, -5000 Gold

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