Typical Things that can be Enchanted
Leather "Enchanted Leather" and above
Gauntlets Paladin and above
Chain Steel and above
Plate Any
Cloaks Cardinal and above
Bows Accurate and above
Crowns Anything above normal
Rings Precious and above
Amulets Turquoise and above
Weapons Superior Quality and above
Boots Armored and above
Rules for Enchanting
For items, the value must be over $450
For Weapons, the value must be over $250
Every level of skill you have in water magic will give you a +10% chance of successfully enchanting an item.
As your skill goes higher, you start to make better enchantments.
Enchant Cost
(anything) + (number) 
ex : chain +7 luck
Cost + (100 x number) 
ex : 1100 + (100 x 7) = 1800
Shielding + 1000
Regeneration + 1000
Recovery + 200
Wizards + 500
Thievery + 2000
Doom + 750
Alarms + 500
Mana + 1000
Cold + 500
Sparks + 500
Antique Cost * 10
When to Enchant
Enchant at Noon or Midnight
Enchant during the full moon
Do not enchant during the new moon
Enchant on the equinox and solstice
*** LUCK plays a big part when enchanting!

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