Thin Doors and Walls

One of the quickest things that people learn while dungeon crawling is that the doors and walls are quite thin (regardless of how think they appear). If you need to go into a room that you know has a lot of monsters in it, you can stand outside the room and cast "Ring of Fire" and it will pass right through the door and walls to hit whatever monsters are around on the other side. Although the spell isn't all that strong and won't kill them easily they will become "active" and try to get to you. Now if you stand near the door you can usually shoot arrows through the doors killing the monsters on the other side without getting hit. If you do it right, you can even hit them with your melee weapons and still not take damage. This is an easy way to clear out monsters that may just be a little too difficult for you at that time. Also use wizards eye to see the effects of your spell and how many monsters are left on the other side of the door (remember you can zoom in and out on the wizards eye view!)

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