Damsel in Distress Walk-Thru

Go to Mist. Then go to the Silver Helm Outpost on the South East corner of the town. Enter the outpost. Walk down the main hall to where it turns left. Kill all the people attacking you in this room. There should be three doors to your right, two doors to your left and two doors in front of you. Take the FIRST door on your right. Follow this hall, you'll go past a small room on your right, and then come to three cells (two on your left and one on your right). You can open these cells and you'll find out that there is a secret door at the end of the hall. On the wall at the end of the hall (past the three cells) is a secret door. Click the wall and it will open. Follow this hall around till it opens into a large square room (be careful! Don't walk into the room yet.) You are on a platform when you come into the room, be careful not to step off the ledge, instead turn right and enter the small room to the north. Kill anything in your way, and locate the switch on the western wall. This will open some panels on the wall in the square room that you can jump onto. Jump from one to the other climbing up and around the main room until you reach the top. The easiest way to climb this "moving" staircase is to just walk slowly up it, if you walk at normal place the steps will open for you in the normal sequence and you won't fall, do not run. If you fall off you need to touch the mural at the bottom, be teleported back to the beginning of the dungeon with several guards. If this happens just start over. Once you've made it to the top don't touch the mural, just turn left and enter the room (it looks empty) there you'll find Melody Silver (the Damsel in Distress).

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