Circus Prizes

The prizes they give you at the circus can be taken to a small village in Dragonsand, where the infamous Abdul lives, the golden pyramids can be traded for random armor, weapons, and accessories in their respective tents. So can the kegs of wine but they give lesser quality items. The golden pyramids yield you items like doomsday cloak of AC +9 and +10 to all stats, or +24 spell points on +12 gauntlets, Chain mail of the troll, 34 AC, +15 endurance, regenerate HP's over time, etc. Course being in Dragonsand you'll need fly and high level dark magic day of protection to make it there past all the lightning from the Titans and the blasts from the Dragons... but it's worth the trip, I'm independently wealthy now... full spell books for all! (It still helps to have Master Merchant skill, even at level 13, I still pay above cost in about a third of the shops!)

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