Chapter 5 - NPC's that will join

NPC Qualye
Quest Qualye offers to join the party
Quest giver Qualye (Cleric / Illusionist)
Quest giver location On the road, just outside the entrance to Baldur's Gate, between the bridge and the city wall.
Quest solution I didn't take Qualye, but in retrospect, he would have been a great trade for Jaheira who's fighting abilities I didn't really need. It would have been nice to have another mage-type to use wands, scrolls, and to perhaps cast mage spells. You can purchase spell scrolls for him in Area-A (#37).
Quest notes Consider Qualye more carefully than I did. Although he was a lower level than my other characters, he would have quickly leveled-up with all the quests available in the city.
NPC Alora
Quest NPC Alora offers to join your party
Quest giver Alora (a Thief)
Quest giver location Hall of Wonders (Area-E, #23) after dark.
Quest solution Allow Alora to join or not.
Quest notes I didn't need another Thief in my party.
NPC Tiax
Quest NPC Tiax offers to join you party
Quest giver Tiax (Cleric/Thief)
Quest giver location Outside Flaming Fist HQ (BG, Area-D, #41)
Quest solution Allow Tiax to join or not
Quest notes I was happy with my party at this point, so I rejected Tiax.
NPC Skie
Quest Skie wants to escape her father
Quest giver Skie (Thief)
Quest giver location Silvershield's Estate, upstairs (Area-F, #1)
Quest solution Skie will not join your party unless Eldoth Kron (from Cloakwood-3) is a member. If Eldoth is not in your party, Skie calls the guards when you attempt to talk to her. If Eldoth is in your party, Skie will join and they will happily blackmail her father (under the guise of keeping her from harm).
Quest notes Didn't have Eldoth in my party, but tested this by going to Cloakwood-3, getting Eldoth, returning to Silvershield's Estate and getting Skie to join. Once tested, I retored my game to the party without Eldoth!

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