Chapter 5 Major Quests

Scar-1 (8)
Quest Investigate the Seven Suns Trading Coster
Quest giver Scar, Second in command of Flaming Fist
Quest giver location Wyrm's Crossing (the bridge entrance to Baldur's Gate)
Quest solution Enter the Seven Suns (Area-D, #45), talk to merchant inside the door and he will tell you that Shapeshifters have infiltrated the Seven Suns. Exit, and when you do Laola Axehand tells you to talk to Scar at the Flaming Fist HQ. Go talk to Scar inside the Flaming Fist HQ (#41) and he will give you $2000, 5000xp, and another quest (to kill the Shapeshifters in the Seven Suns).
Quest notes DO NOT go talk to Duke Eltan on the second floor of the Flaming Fist HQ at this time! When you talk to Duke Eltan he offers you a quest. If you refuse, you die! [From an emailer: If you accept, Scar disappears (is murdered), and you are blamed and Flaming Fist Enforcers will make the rest of your stay in Baldur's Gate miserable].
Zombie Farm (1)
Quest Kill the 20 Zombies that have been killing people in the area.
Quest giver Wenric (a farmer?)
Quest giver location Zombie Farm, near farmhouse in north part of area
Quest solution Kill the 20 Zombies. Talk again to Wenric and he gives you $150 and 800xp.
Quest notes There is a Cloak of Protection +1 in a locked chest in the farmhouse.
A Body For Arkion (2)
Quest Go into the sewers and bring back a body for an experiment
Quest giver Arkion
Quest giver location Arkion's house, Area-A (#36)
Quest solution Enter the sewers through one of the grates (there are 4 in this area of the city). You will be in the East sewers. Work your way west in the East sewers and there is a long East-West tunnel with some bodies in the wall. Search the wall for a body and some goodies. Return with the body (heavy!) to Arkion. Arkion takes the body and gives you $250 and 1800xp.
Quest notes You may run into some nasties in the sewers. May as well clean them out as you'll be back later :). If you find a Ruby Ring or Angel Skin Ring, save them as you may need them for a future quest - hint, hint!
Steal a Telescope (14)
Quest Steal the telescope 'Golden Extra-Farseer' from the Hall of Wonders
Quest giver Brevlik
Quest giver location Elfsong Inn (Area-A, #35)
Quest solution Go to the Hall of Wonders (Area-E, #23) after dark (I went in at hour 21) with your Thief. Meet Alora (an NPC Thief who will offer to join your party) near the telescope display. Take the telescope (and check out the chests in the Hall for other goodies - Rogue Stone, Star Sapphire). Return to Brevlik. He takes the telescope and gives you $500 and 5500xp
Quest notes The Hall guards were gone at hour 21, but I don't know when they return during the night. I have read that the guards return at hour 3.
Get Nemphre's Amulet (3)
Quest Get Nemphre's Amulet from Arkion
Quest giver Nemphre
Quest giver location Nemphre's house (Area-B, #65)
Quest solution Go to Arkion's house (Area-A, #36) and pick his pocket and get the "Bloodstone Amulet". Since my Thief had only 35% pick pockets, I used a potion of Master Thievery (raised to 75%) to get the Amulet. Return the Amulet to Nemphre and she gives you a scroll of "Vampiric Tough".
Quest notes If you don't want to pick his pocket for the Amulet, I guess you could just kill Arkion (if you have already done his quest - "A Body For Arkion" ).
Book of Unknowing (30, not solved)
Quest Get the "Book of Unknowing" from deep in the library of Candlekeep
Quest giver Shaella
Quest giver location Blade & Stars (Area-B, #63)
Quest solution Unknown at present, perhaps there is no solution? I have only finished Chapter 5 so far.

While completing Chapter 6, I was unable to find the "Book of Unknowing" in Candlekeep. I did however find one "Normal Book" on the first level of the Candlekeep Library. I tested, but this is not the book that Shaella wants. In fact, whether you have even been to Candlekeep or not, if you take the conversation path with Shaella (in either Chapter 5 or 7) that you have searched Candlekeep and cannot find the book, she tells you that "the lady has been kind to you for you have found it". Quest solved? No reward! RED HERRING!

Quest notes This may well be a red herring. When you talk to Shaella, if you take the path of confusion and not knowing, she will give you this quest.
The Sphene Gem (4)
Quest Bring a Sphene Gem from the lair of the Basilisk in the harbor
Quest giver G'axir the Seer
Quest giver location Blade and Stars (Area-B, #63)
Quest solution #1 Taxek and Michael are robbing a house (Area-B, #69). If you confront them and ask them to leave the stolen items, they attack. Kill them and get a Sphene Gem (and a few other items - more gems, a Light Crossbow +1, and more). Return the Sphene Gem to G'axir and get 1000xp.
Quest solution #2 See "Basilisk Romp (5)" below. Return the Sphene Gem to G'axir and get 1000xp.
Quest notes Since any Sphene Gem will do, I used the first approach. However, the next quest (the second approach) will also satisfy the Gem requirement.
Basilisk Romp (5)
Quest Help with escaped Basilisk which is making a mess of another warehouse on the dock.
Quest giver Nadarin
Quest giver location Warehouse (Area-B, #67)
Quest solution Go to warehouse (Area-C, #56). When you enter, Nivek approaches and tells you about an escaped Basilisk, then runs away. Basically, just kill the Greater Basilisk (7000xp). Pick up the Sphene Gem (can be used for G'axir the Seer's quest, "The Sphene Gem" ), return to Nadarin. Nadarin gives you $1800 and 1300xp.
Quest notes The Greater Basilisk wasn't too bad as I used Branwen's Animate Dead Skeletons up front to distract the basilisk, then pummeled it with stones and arrows.
My Brother's Skull (20)
Quest Get his brother's skill from behind the painting in The Three Old Kegs and take it to Agasia in The Lady's Hall.
Quest giver Ghorak (a very sick looking dude)
Quest giver location Ghorak's house (Area-C, #52)
Quest solution Go to The Three Old Kegs Inn (Area-G, #11). On the second floor, behind the painting on the NW wall, is the skull. Take the skull to The Lady's House (Area-E, #24) and talk to Agasia who gives you 1000xp and +1 reputation. Return to Ghorak, he declares he is cured of his affliction, and his appearance improves.
Quest notes None
Lost Gauntlets (6)
Quest Find the Gauntlets lost near the harbor
Quest giver Noralee
Quest giver location Warehouse (Area-C, south of #56)
Quest solution The gauntlets are in a crate SE of the Water Queen's House (Area-C, #61). Find the Gauntlets of Weapon Skill and return to Noralee for 1000xp and +1 reputation
Quest notes Or, you can just keep the Gauntlets of Skill (which is what I did).
Investigate Aldeth's Partners (7)
Quest Check out Irlentree and Zorlmiyar who are acting strangely
Quest giver Aldeth Sashenstar
Quest giver location Outside, near the Merchant's League (Area-D, #51)
Quest solution Follow Aldeth in to the Merchants Consortium. Talk to the guard who tells you to talk to Brandilar (2nd floor). Agree to help Brandilar discover what's wrong with Irlentree and Zorl. Search Zorl's desk (2nd floor), get 3 letters. Show letters to Brandilar. This causes Zorl to attack (kill him with missiles). Back to first floor where Irlentree and 4 others attack (kill them too). This completes the quest and Aldeth will give you $100, 5000xp, and a Bastard Sword +1 +3 vs Shapeshifters.

You can also go to the 3rd floor and battle 9 Doppelgangers (who are not problem if you approach them so only a couple are revealed at any one time and used ranged weapons) and get a nice haul of gems.

Quest notes I saved Aldeth Sashenstar from the Druids in Cloakwood-1 and wasn't sure how this played out if you sided with the Druids and killed Aldeth. An emailer informed me that if you kill Aldeth, then you do not get this quest, and you will have to fight Aldeth's brother (Dabron Sashenstar) when you meet him in Area I" (killing Dabron, gives you a nice Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy).

Turns out that Aldeth is the only one who can unlock the door to the League, you cannot unlock it by any means at your disposal. Furthermore, do not leave the League building until you have done everything you want to do in there and don't plan to 'store' any items in the League. If you depart the League after completing the quest and getting your reward from Aldeth, then the League's door will again be locked and you can never (as far as I can tell) re-enter. It appears that if you depart the league before completing the quest and getting your reward from Aldeth, then the door remains unlocked and you can re-enter. However, just to be safe be sure to complete all your tasks prior to departing the League building.

Scar-2 (10)
Quest Kill the Shapeshifters in the Seven Suns
Quest giver Scar (after completing Scar-1)
Quest giver location Flaming Fist HQ (Area-D, #41)
Quest solution Go to the Seven Suns (Area-D, #45), talk to merchants on first floor until they transform, then kill them. Go to second floor and kill doppelgangers there. Go to basement and kill more doppelgangers, and talk to Jhassa (the owner) who says Scar will reward you. Search basement for goodies (spear +1, scrolls, gems, potions, wand, etc.). Return to Scar. Scar gives you $4000, 2000xp, +2 reputation, and a new quest.
Quest notes The battles are easy, no more than 2 Doppelgangers at one time, used ranged weapons to eliminate.
A Ring For My Wife (9)
Quest Bring an "Angel Skin Ring" for my wife
Quest giver Fergus
Quest giver location Flaming Fist HQ, first floor (Area-D, #41)
Quest solution There are several Angel Skin Rings in the city. I got one killing Ghouls in the northern most part of the Western sewers under the city. Return to Fergus and get 800xp and +1 reputation. He also tells you that Scar has some jobs for you - WOW, now this is news!
Quest notes There's an Angel Skin Ring in a dresser on the top floor of the Helm and Cloak (Area-F, #4) and the Ogre in the Blushing Mermaid (Area-H, #15) has another. And there are more.
Scar-3 (11)
Quest Find out who/what is responsible for disappearance of people from the city streets
Quest giver Scar (after completing Scar-2)
Quest giver location Flaming Fist HQ (Area-D, #41)
Quest solution Scar gives you $300 advance payment and tells you to patrol the east part of the city and enter the sewers there. Enter the sewers from Area-A (through one of the 4 grates in that area). You will find an Ogre Mage in a North-South passage in this part of the sewers. He is protected by some Carrion Crawlers (which seemed to respawn) at the ends of this passage. Kill the Carrion Crawlers and the Ogre Mage and bring back the Ruby Ring he was carrying. Go back to Scar, and he will take the Ruby Ring and give you $3000 and 3000xp. Scar will also tell you that he will be waiting outside the Flaming Fist with another quest for you.

If you go outside and talk to Scar and agree to help him, he will take you up to Duke Eltan's (causing Scar's murder, for which you are blamed) for the quest that will end Chapter 5. If you want to continue exploring the city (without the Flaming Fist chasing you), don't talk to Scar at this time. Scar will wait for you outside the Flaming Fist until you are ready to do this last quest.

Quest notes While clearing the sewers earlier in the game, I killed this Mage and sold the Ruby Ring. Fortunately I went back to the shop and purchased the ring to use to complete this quest. Probably any Ruby Ring would do for the quest?
Get My Son's Body (12)
Quest Enter the Water Queen's House and retrieve the body of Casson
Quest giver Tremain Belde'ar, Lord Priest
Quest giver location Tremain Beldear's house (Area-E, #20)
Quest solution Go to the Water Queen's house (Area-C, #61) and ask a Priestess of Umberlee to see either Jalantah Mistmyr or Tenya (if you helped Tenya rather than the Fishermen in the Ankheg Farm sector). Tenya will return the boy's body for free. J. Mistmyr charges you $2000 for the body. Return the body (heavy!) to Tremain who will resurrect the boy. Talk to Varci Roaringhorn (also in Tremain's house) who will give you $2000, 5000xp, and a Large Shield +1 (+4 vs missiles).
Quest notes Varci Roaringhorn first approaches you when you near Tremain's house to ask you to talk to Tremain about this quest.
Ragefast/Ramazith/Nymph Conflict (13)
Quest Free Nymph or Bring Nymph to Ramazith
Quest giver Albela or Ramazith
Quest giver location Ragefast's House or Ramazith's Tower
Quest solution #1A Talk to Ragefast first (Area-E, #21) about his captive Nymph, Albela. Talk about his crimes, confront him about contradictions in his actions. Tell him Albela will die if he continues to hold her captive. Ragefast will release her and she will give you 2000xp and a lock of Nymph's hair. (However, when you go to Ramazith, you will not be able to provide the Nymph and will have to fight him.)
Quest solution #1B Talk to Ragefast first, threaten him and he will attack, kill him (he is easily killed as he stands right next to your party) and pick up his Amulet of Protection +1 and Knaves Robe. Then talk to Albela who'll ask you to release her, and if you do, she gives you 2000xp and a Nymph's Cloak (but really only a lock of Nymph's hair). If you don't release Albela, you can take her to Ramazith to satisfy his quest.
Quest solution #2A Talk to Ramazith first (Area-G, #10), in front of his house, he'll ask you to bring Ragefast's Nymph to him. If you talk to him again (he'll be inside his locked tower) without the Nymph with you, he'll tell you that you have betrayed him and you must fight him (see Battling Ramazith). This will be the result if you have already released Albela in solution-1a or 1b.
Quest solution #2B Talk to Ramazith first, in front of his house. He'll ask you to bring Ragefast's Nymph to him. Go to Ragefast's house (Area-E, #21) and confront Ragefast. He'll tell you Ramazith is evil, then attack you. After killing Ragefast, you have a chance to release Abela (as in solution-1b), or taking her to Ramazith. If you take her to Ramazith, he takes her and gives you NO reward. At this point you can either leave, getting nothing, or talk to Abela and have another chance to release her. If you release her, you get 2000xp and a lock of Nymph hair and Ramazith attacks (see Battling Ramazith).
Battling Ramazith On the first floor, he attacks you with a Lightning Bolt, then teleports to the top level of his tower. Ramazith is on the 6th floor of the tower and there are monsters on each floor to greet you all the way up. These include Mustard Jellies (w/magic resistance) - bash with swords/pikes/warhammer, Ghasts (w/Hold-Person) - easy with ranged weapons (but tough if they get close), Hobgoblin Elites - use ranged weapons, and Kobold Elites - use ranged weapons. (It is probably possible to run by all these monsters, but I took them all on - YES!). At the top is Ramazith who will immediately cast Invisibility, then hit you with Lightning Bolts. I found that as soon as I got to the 6th level, I paused the game, then had everyone attack with missile weapons which killed Ramazith before he could cast his first spell. Be sure to pick up his Amulet of Influence, Ring of Protection +2, and various other items.
Quest notes Turns out Ramazith wants to dissect the Nymph to use her parts to make various spells and potions. I just couldn't let him do this. BTW, be sure to take the lock of Nymph hair to Sorcerous Sundries (Area-A, #37) to be made into a Nymph's Cloak. The Nymph's Cloak raises the wearer's Charisma by +2 and can be used to "Charm Person" (has a 'reported' 40 charges).
The Helm of Balduran (23)
Quest Recover the Helm of Balduran from one of five statues
Quest giver Degrodel
Quest giver location Degrodel's House (Area-F, #6)
Quest prelude First, just getting this quest is a pain. When you enter Degrodel's house you are attacked by Helmed Horrors, Doom Guards, and Invisible Stalkers. This was one of the more difficult battles for me as you are in a small entry hall without much room to maneuver. Animate dead and a Monster Summoning Wand aided a good bit although they added to the clutter. Also, don't forget the Invisibility Purge spell, and the fact that summoned monsters and animated dead seem to be able to see and attack invisible creatures.

Anyway, when you get to Degrodel, he offers you the quest. If you refuse, he and some more Doom Guards, Invisible Stalkers, and Helmed Horrors attack you. If you accept he tells you that one of 5 statues has the Helm, and gives you 5 Stone-to-Flesh scrolls.

Quest solution Go to Felonius Gist's House (Area-I, #27). Pay Felonius $300 to inspect his statues (else the guards come), and use the Stone-to-Flesh scrolls on each statue. You'll find one, Vail, who can help you. Tell him that you are seeking the Helm of Balduran (get 500xp). Then one conversation path leads you to forcing Vail to reveal the Helm's location, he doesn't, but gives you a note with hints about the Helm and Cloak of Balduran's locations. In another conversation path you relent and agree not to force him to tell you the Helm's location, then he tells you to see Quenash in the Underceller and she will give you the Cloak of Balduran. I took the later path.

Go to Underceller (can enter through west part of West sewers, or through the Blushing Mermaid Tavern (Area-H, #15) ) where Quenash is in a room near the center. You can talk Quenash into giving you the Cloak of Balduran, and when pressed, she will also tell you that Vail planned to hide both the Helm and Cloak of Balduran in a location "practically named for the purpose" - hint, hint!

Go to the, you guessed it, Helm and Cloak (Area-F, #4), second floor (use the stairs in the back of the tavern), and behind a trapped picture on the back wall you'll find the Helm of Balduran.

Go back to Degrodel's and he will take the Helm, give you $5000, and depart after calling more Doom Guards, Invisible Stalkers, and Helmed Horrors down on you - such gratitude!

Quest notes I opted to keep the Helm of Balduran and not go back to see Degrodel. Also, you could just go to the Helm and Cloak and recover the Helm and avoid Degrodel all together. Actually, I already had found the Helm, but went to Degrodel to check out the quest, then discovered, when talking to Vail, that there was also a Cloak of Balduran. Earlier I had talked with Quenash in the Underceller and there was no option to discuss either the Helm or Cloak, so it appears talking to the statue, Vail, allows you the chance to recover the Cloak too.

A word about the Cloak of Balduran. This Cloak has 25% magic resistance. I gave it to a character, and later wondered why I couldn't heal him with Cure Light Wounds spells. And my mage's Haste spell worked on everyone else except him! I discovered that the Cloak was causing these spells to frequently fail, so had to remove it when casting them - DUH!

Emailers write - 1) if you return to Degrodel's home, drop the Helm on the ground (don't have it in your inventory), when you talk to Degrodel he will attack (alone). Kill him for the experience points, rob his body, then pick up your Helm and depart. 2) OR, return to Degrodel's home, save the game, give him the Helm for the $5000 reward, kill him (you have to be 'very' quick), then recover the Helm from his body. You lose no reputation for killing Degrodel. This second approach may require several attempts to accomplish.

Nester's Knife (15)
Quest Find Nester's Knife and bring it to Quinn
Quest giver Quinn
Quest giver location Quinn's house (Area-F, #3)
Quest solution I could not solve this quest. Nester's dagger is suppose to be in the possession of an Ankheg just north of Tenya's house in the BG Bridge sector (east of the river). Long before I entered the city, I cleared this sector (the land east of the river) and killed the Ankheg that was north of Tenya's house and probably failed to pick up the dagger.

To verify this, I went to a save game (boy do I have save games!), and went north of Tenya's house, killed the Ankheg, and found that it left: Ankheg shell, Fire Opal Ring, and Nester's Dagger! So now, much later in the game, I have the quest, but no way to get the dagger.

Quest notes I didn't know what the reward was since I couldn't complete the quest. However, a kind person wrote to inform me that for returning Nester's Knife you get "the heartfelt thanks of Quinn and Nester's mom as well as 950xp, a Shandon Gem, and +1 reputation."
Algernon's Cloak (17)
Quest Steal Cloak form Algernon at Feldepost's Inn
Quest giver Pheirkas
Quest giver location Pherikas' house (Area-F, north of Degrodel's house)
Quest solution Go to Feldeposts Inn (Beregost, #11), top floor. I had my Thief (only 35% pick pocket) drink Potion of Master Thievery" (raised to 75%) and got the cloak from Algernon after several tries. You could also fail the pick pocket, and when Algernon attacks, just kill him. Go back to Pheirkas and he takes the cloak and gives you $200 and 300xp.

Algernon's Cloak raises the wearer's Charisma by +2 and can be used to "Charm Person" ('reported' that it has 65,000 charges and can also Charm Monsters). This may be the most important item in the game and is of great value when confronting those pesky Flaming Fist Enforcers in Chapter 7.

Quest notes I decided to keep the +2 Charisma cloak for party leader, sorry Pherikas :)
The Bogey Man (16)
Quest Stop the Bogy man from looking in our windows at night
Quest giver Laerta and Louise
Quest giver location Voltine's house (Area-F, #5)
Quest solution This solution takes place in Voltine's house. After talking to Laerta/Louise, Gervisse appears and says Voltine (a shapeshifting Druid) is the culprit. Talk to Voltine who says Gervisse is the culprit <sigh>. Your Journal entry suggests you deal with Gervisse. I had Branwen cast Detect Evil, only Gervisse is evil. Couldn't get Gervisse to attack, so had my Thief attempted to steal from him, which failed, and then Gervisse attacked. Killed Gervisse (no reputation loss) and got 900xp. Talk to Voltine and you get a Wand of Polymorph. Talk to Laerta and you get 1000xp.
Quest notes Couldn't seem to find a conversation path to anger Gervisse into attacking. Don't know if just attacking him would cause a loss of reputation (guess I didn't try this).
Cat's Ring (18)
Quest Get her cat's ring back from her uncle
Quest giver Petrine
Quest giver location In front of Bheren's house (Area-G, #12)
Quest solution Go into Bheren's house (behind Petrine), go upstairs, get an Angel Skin Ring from the dresser in the large room where the cat is. Return the ring to Petrine. You get 500xp.
Quest notes Maybe you also get a cat allergy?
Unicorn Run (19)
Quest Get a copy of "History of Unicorn Run"
Quest giver Rennie
Quest giver location Rennie's house (Area-G, #13)
Quest solution Find a copy of the book for Rennie. There is one on the top floor of Ramazith's Tower (Area-G, #10). Return to Rennie and she takes the book and gives you 900xp and a scroll of Protect from Poison.
Quest notes May best be left until after you have completed the "Ragefast/Ramazith/Nymph Conflict" quest.
Eliminate Blackmailer (21)
Quest Remove Cyrdemac who is blackmailing Areana
Quest giver Noblewoman (Areana)
Quest giver location 3rd floor of The Old Three Kegs Inn (Area-G, #11)
Quest solution Go to Elfsong Inn (Area-A, #35), 2nd floor and confront Cyrdemac. He attacks, you kill (his ruffians may join in, but they didn't when I did this). You get Bastard Sword +1 and 975xp. Return to Areana and collect $500, or choose to blackmail her for $500 every 2 days. I took the $500.
Quest notes If you press her for more payment, you may get $2000 or $4000. If you confront Cyrdemac immediately (conversation paths 1 or 3), his ruffians will aid him in the attack. If you take the conversation path to "step aside and discuss the situation", then only Cyrdemac attacks.
Cursed Child (22)
Quest Get Yago's spell book and bring it back
Quest giver Brielbara
Quest giver location Outside, north of Splurging Sturgeon (Area-H, #17)
Quest solution Yago put a curse on Bridlbara's child. Yago is at the Low Lantern (Area-C, #54) on the third level. Talk to him, and if you ask him for his spell book, he will attack. Kill him and pick up "Yago's Book of Curses". Check around the area for other goodies. Return to the Splurging Sturgeon and give the book to Brielbara. You get 1000xp, +1 reputation (and $200 if you ask to be paid).
Quest notes None
The Party is Poisoned (24)
Quest Get Poison Antidote, Remove Lothander's Geas
Quest giver Lothander
Quest giver location Near the Tents (Area-I, #30, #31)
Quest prelude This is the quest that I avoided until late in my Baldur's Gate city exploration because I didn't want to be limited by the requirement to solve the poison quest within 10 days, or die! Later on when I was ready for this quest, I did some testing.

When you first enter the east (east of the wall) part of Area-H, you are immediately approached by Marek and Lothander. Marek warns you to stop investigating the Iron Throne, then he and Lothander disappear. You are NOT poisoned until you encounter Lothander in Area-I (tested - I rested for 15.5 days and no one died).

If you have the encounter with Marek, then as soon as you meet Lothander in Area-I, the 10-day clock will start on your poison quest. If you don't solve it within 10 days, your party will die (I have tested this too!). If you have not encountered Marek, then Lothander will not be in Area-I, and you will not get poisoned.

Quest solution I'll assume you have encountered Marek in Area-H. When you meet Lothander in Area-I, he will inform you that Marek poisoned your party and all will die in 10 days (tested - the clock starts now) unless you get the antidote. Lothander was an unwilling partner and will help you if you can find the cure for the geas that causes him to work for Marek.

Follow Lothander to the Diviner (in a nearby tent, #30) who will answer one question per day. Pay Diviner $50 to tell you who has the ability to cure the geas. He will tell you to go see Jalantha Mistmyr at the Water Queen's house. Exit the Diviner and talk to Lothander who will tell you that he will be waiting at the Blade and Stars (Area-B, #63).

Go to Jalantha (Area-C, #61) and humbly ask her to remove the geas from a companion. She says she will help, but first you must do something for her. She wants you to bring her a Book of Wisdom possessed by the clergy of Tymora at Lady's Hall.

Go to Lady's Hall (Area-E, #24) and talk to Chanthalas Ulbright. All conversation paths seem to lead to him giving you the book (I always got it). If you offer to pay $500 for the book, he accepts, gives you the book, but doesn't take the gold.

Go back to Jalantha at the Water Queen's House with the book. She takes the book and gives you a Geas Removal Scroll. I attempted to pick pocket the book back, but could only get a gem and a child's body - after them, there was no valid item to pick pocket. So I guess if you want the book, you have to attack Jalantha and the others in the house. I left without the book.

[Update from an emailer (not confirmed by me) - After you receive the tome from the priest in the Tymora temple and want to keep it without attacking the priestess (Jalantha) in the Water Queen's House, just say that you don't trust her and want the remove-geas scroll first. Jalantha will give you the scroll and you get the option to 'give her the tome' or say "wereally didn't have the tome, now don't you feel stupid". Pick the laterand you get to keep the tome and the geas scroll without fighting the priestess and you don't lose a reputation point].

Go to see Lothander at the Blade and Stars (Area-B, #63), he is on the second floor. Give him the scroll and he gives you 1500xp and 1/2 of the antidote and tells you Marek has the other 1/2. Lothander tells you that Marek is at the Blushing Mermaid. (Lothander only gives you a regular Antidote potion.)

Go to the Blushing Mermaid (Area-H, #15), Marek is on the second floor. Talk to Marek and you get a "You are cured of Marek's poison" message and 10000xp. Marek attacks, but I had him surrounded, so he couldn't get a spell off before he was killed. Search his body and pick up the Eagle Bow and Dagger +2 and a few other items including, and most importantly, "Marek's Potion of Antidote". If you examine this Antidote, it will tell you that it can be used 10 times. I had everyone drink from Marek's Antidote. (Tested - I then rested for 11 days and no one died).

Quest notes I avoided getting this quest started until I had explored most of the city as I didn't really know when the 10-day limit started. I had assumed the clock started when Marek first talked to you. This is also the reason I avoided the Thief Guild quests until later because I didn't want to be sent into an area that would start the poison quest. Now I realize, after some testing, that it doesn't really matter and you can avoid the poison quest by avoiding Lothander (just stay out of Area-I) after you've met Marek.
A talisman for my son (25)
Quest Deliver an Amulet of Protection +1 to my son Euric
Quest giver Nadine
Quest giver location Nadine's house (Area-I, #29)
Quest solution Euric is in an unnamed Inn (alas, not numbered on the map) in Area-B, in the SE part of the sector up against the town wall. Talk to Euric, he takes the Amulet and you get 1100xp. Euric says to tell his mother that he will be home soon (hint to go back to Nadine).

Go back to Nadine and she will give you a Necklace of Misslies and +1 reputation.

Quest notes None
Thief Quest-1 (26)
Quest Act as lookout for a robbery
Quest giver Narlen Darkwalk
Quest giver location Inside the Thieves Guild (Area-A, #40)
Quest Prelude In order to get any Thief quests, you have to get into the Thieves Guild. Standing outside, near the west wall of the Elfsong Inn, is Niklos. He will offer you $50 to come talk to his boss about a job. If you agree you get $50, your journal is updated, and Niklos tells you to follow him (into the Thieves Guild). You don't have to follow Niklos at this time. If you look at your Journal you will see that you have been given the password for the Thieves Guild. The password is "Fafhrd". You can use this password when you encounter the guards inside the Thieves Guild.
Quest solution Have your Thief (with boots of speed if possible) wait by the entrance to the Splurging Sturgeon (Area-H, #17) for Narlen to appear at dusk (hour 21). He appears and leads you to the site of the robbery and tells you to warn if any guards appear. When the guard appears, use the conversation path to warn Narlen, then run away trying to lead the guard(s) away from your party, then run back to your party and depart the area. Don't attack the guard(s)!

Meet up with Narlen back at the Thieves Guild and he gives you $100 and the chance for another caper.

Quest notes If the entire party is there, Narlen will call off the caper. Don't park your party too close to the house just north of the Splurging Sturgeon as when the guards start chasing the Thief, they will find and attack the party. Boots of speed, for your Thief, really help. You do have to enter the area with your entire party, but park the others out of sight of Narlen.
Thief Quest-2 (27)
Quest Steal jewels from Gantolandon's house
Quest giver Narlen Darkwalk (after finishing Thief Quest-1)
Quest giver location Inside Thieves Guild (Area-A, #40)
Quest solution Meet Narlen outside Blade and Stars (Area-B, #63). Narlen will call the caper off if you are with the party. Follow Narlen to Gantolandon's house (you have to do the theft). Go upstairs and steal the Rogue Stone from the locked chest near the sleeping Gantolandon. Be very quick as Gantolandon will stir, and you can fool him once by pretending to be a noisy cat, but the next time he stirs it's too late.

Depart and go back to the Thieve's Guild and talk to Narlen. Narlen will take the Rogue Stone and you will get 3 pearls.

Quest notes This quest can be accomplished on the same night as Thieves Quest-1. You do have to enter the area with your entire party, but park the others out of sight of Narlen.
Thief Quest-3 (28)
Quest Steal three items from Oberon's house
Quest giver Alatos Revenscar
Quest giver location Inside Thieves Guild (Area-A, #40)
Quest prelude You do not need to have completed the first two Thieves quests to get this one, but the result after completing this quest will play out slightly differently if you have completed the first two Thief quests.

This quest must be completed within 10 days. After 10 days (without solving the quest), Alatos won't talk to you.

You need to steal a "spell book", "statuette", and "fragment of powerful artifact" from Oberon's house.

Quest solution #1 Go to Oberon's (Area-I, #28). The items you want are on the third floor in a desk in the south room. Have your Thief (with boots of speed and potions of Invisibility) rush up past the mages (two are in the hall, one in another room), steal the items from the desk, then exit the building.

Return to the Thieves Guild and talk to Alatos who gives you 4000xp and takes the three items.

Quest solution #2 Go to Oberon's (Area-I, #28). The items you want are on the third floor in a desk in the south room. You should have no problem on the first two floors, but three mage sisters are on the third floor. Have the party go up to the third floor, the mages will attack, dispatch the mages, search the bodies (some robes and a Necklace of Missiles, etc.), grab the three items from the desk, and depart. The two mages in the hallway can be taken out with missile weapons (I also cast Haste on the party). The other mage is in the top north room, and if you take her out quickly using missiles, she won't have time to summon help.

Return to the Thieves Guild and talk to Alatos who gives you 4000xp and takes the three items.

Quest notes After completing this quest there will be a confrontation with Resar (who is with Alatos) which plays a little differently depending on whether you completed the first two Thieves quests. However, the end result is the same.

If you do Alatos's quest before Narlen's, I don't know if you have the opportunity to later do Narlen's (anyone?).

Chapter Ending Quest (29)
Quest Gather evidence against the Iron Throne
Quest giver Scar/Duke Eltan
Quest giver location Scar (in front of Flaming Fist HQ, Area-D, #41), Duke Eltan (2nd floor of Flaming Fist HQ).
Quest prelude This is the quest that will end Chapter 5, so if you want to get in and out of Baldur's Gate quickly, you can jump right to this quest.
Quest solution If you talk to Scar outside the Flaming Fist HQ, he will take you to see Duke Eltan for this quest, or you can go directly to the Duke (even when you first enter the city). As soon as you take this quest from the Duke, Scar disappears forever. If you talk to the Duke and don't accept this quest, the Duke will kill you because you know too much!

Your job is to gather incriminating evidence against the leaders of the Iron Throne. Go to the Iron Throne (Area-C, #60), and work you way to the 5th floor of the building. There are some scrolls to be found in the basement and in the Library on the fourth floor. Along the way you will encounter some NPC's who may give you some information about the Leaders on the 5th floor. The guards on each floor can either be talked into letting you pass, bribed, or fought.

The battle starts as soon as you enter the 5th floor. I found that going up by the stairs on the right was a better tactic as the leaders seem to be spread out more towards the left stairs. Since the battle starts as soon as you get to the top of the stairs (you don't have time to look around), it was hard to tell if there were any friendlies in the area. Emissary Tar appears to be there, but I believe she is also a doppelganger. From the stairs you will have to battle the leaders Gardush, Ali, Neaman, Dryab, and Aasim and a couple doppelgangers. I didn't use area weapons for fear of hurting friendlies (actually, there were not any friendlies on this floor), so I stuck with ranged weapons, Animate Dead spell, Wand of Monsters, Wand of Heavens (a great graphic), and the Purge Invisible spell. For ranged weapons I used Arrows of Acid and Bullets +2.

As soon as the battle starts, some leaders cast Dimension Door and some cast Invisibility. So be ready with the Purge Invisibility spell (I had to use it twice before the battle was over). I was also prepared to use Protection from Magic potions, but never needed them. Branwen's Skeletons (from the Animate Dead spell) and War Dogs from my mages Wand of Monsters did a good job of keeping the Leaders busy. (Ever notice how these summoned monsters are able to attack the monsters/characters that are invisible to you - neat huh!) Things got a little confused when one of the Leaders cast Confusion, which caused half of my War Dogs to attack my Skeletons and some party members. But in the end all the Leaders went down with very little damage to my party. After the battle I avoided my confused War Dogs until they were unsummoned, then commenced to search the bodies. Be sure to search as there are some good things to pick up (e.g., Ring of Free Action, Halberd +2, Wand of Heavens, and more).

After bashing the Leaders, search the rest of the 5th floor. In a nearby room you will find Thaldorn who will immediately attack. Missile weapons took him out quickly. Thaldorn carries a Short Sword +1 and Studded Leather +1 (probably not of much use to you at this stage of the adventure). Continue searching and be sure to check out the desk in the back room. This contains two letters, one from Tuth to Reiltar and the other from Sarevok to Reiltar. ****You need to find these letters to complete the chapter****.

After picking up the two letters, and anything else you want, go back to the Flaming Fist HQ and talk to Duke Eltan (don't bother to look for Scar as he disappeared as soon as you took this quest from the Duke). At this point you can tell the Duke you have other business in the city and will return (so you can do some more city adventuring, but remember that Scar is now murdered and you may be pursued by Flaming Fist Enforcers - not tested!). Or, you can tell the Duke that your evidence shows that the answers he needs can only now be found in Candlekeep. If you tell him this, he will tell you to go to Candlekeep to investigate further, give you $2000 and a book ("History of Nether Scrolls") to use to gain entry to Candlekeep, and teleport you to the Candlekeep map sector.

Quest notes I believe that you can go directly to Duke Eltan as soon as you enter the city and get this quest without doing any of Scar's quests. In fact, as soon as you talk to the Eltan, Scar will no longer be available (as he has been murdered, and you are blamed, which may make movement about the city difficult as Flaming Fist Enforcers will be looking for you).

I have been emailed that as soon as Scar disappears, you are blamed for his murder and your life in the city streets is hectic as you are pursued by Flaming Fist Enforcers. I have not tested this, so cannot comment on it.

Since Duke Eltan teleports you to Candlekeep on completion of his quest, you should perhaps visit a shop or two, prior to that last visit to the Duke, to sell items and buy supplies.

UPDATE: Now that I have completed Chapter 6, I can say that it is something you do in Chapter 6 that causes the Flaming Fist Enforcers to pursue you when you get back to BG in Chapter 7. You are NOT blamed for the death of Scar when you do the Duke Eltan quest in Chapter 5.

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