Chapter 5 - Minor Quests

This section will cover some other interesting things not covered by the Main Quests section. Here I will be very brief and where after-battle booty is to be had, only list the best item or two. These Minor Quests are listed by Baldur's Gate City map area.
Area - A
Sorcerous Sundries (#37) - On the second floor you will interrupt some mages (Niemain, Oalam, Wheber Off, William Garst), and if you don't leave, they will attack. Kill them and collect some goodies (Dagger +1 and some Mage robes).
Area - B
House (#69) - Taxek and Michael are robbing the house. If you ask them to leave the stolen goods, they will attack. Kill them and get a Light Crossbow +1 and Sphene Gem (which can be used to solve the "Sphene Gem" quest).
Area - C
  1. Low Lantern (#54) - Desreta and Vay-ya are on the 2nd level. Killing them nets "Gauntlets of Ogre Power".
  2. Ogre House (#59) - Several Ogre Mages attack as soon as you enter. Kill them and get a bunch of gems and a Laera's Tear Necklace (sell all for $$).
Area - D
  1. Sunin's House (#48) - Sunin and some servants await you. When you enter they attack and killing them nets you a "Ring of Wizardry", a Long Sword +1, and a few other items.
  2. House ($46) - If you enter this locked house you'll be set upon by some thieves. Kill them and get a Short Sword +1, some scrolls and other stuff.
  3. Ye Olde Inn (#42) - When you enter you will discover Green Slimes attacking the patrons. Kill the slimes (for the experience?).
  4. Tavern just north of Suin's house (#48) - Phandalyn approaches and checks your party for Evil members. I didn't have any, so nothing happened. An emailer wrote that if there are any evil party members, then Phandalyn attacks them and "you cannot attack him".
Area - E
Fenton (#62) will purchase Ankheg Shells from you for $250.
Area - F
Helm and Cloak (#4) - At the bar is Gorpel Hind and his friends. After you talk to Gorpel, Gretek and his band of thugs enter. Gretek taunts you, then attacks. This is an interesting fight and a lot depends on the deployment of your party. With my party spread out I was able to cast Web, then pummel Gretek's magic users with bullets and arrows. Gorpel Hind and his men may help, they tried to aid me, but mostly they just got in the way and kept me from using area weapons (fireball). Winning nets you a Battle Axe +2 and a few other goodies. One thing I couldn't figure out was that after the battle, the Bartender and Cook were still RED and cowering in a corner. If I killed them, I took a reputation hit. So I just let them be and left.
Area - G
Jardak's House (#9) - Enter this locked house and Drelik will attack. Kill him and get a Short Sword +1. Upstairs Jardak is waiting to attack you. Kill him and pick up the Helm of Glory and a Long Sword +1.
Area - H
  1. Blushing Mermaid (#15) - An Ogre, Larze, approaches and says he must kill you. You can talk him out of it and he will leave and you get some experience points. Or tell him to buzz off which will cause him to attack you. Kill him and get his Gauntlets of Weapon Skill and some gems. There is an entrance to the Underceller in the south wall of the west room.
  2. Temple of Illmater - I have read several places that if you talk to a Priest in this Temple, he will lead you to the Underceller. I could only find a beggar in the Temple, and contributing to him did no good. Perhaps the Priest is there at night (which I didn't try)?
  3. Merchants League Property (#19) - The description of this building is that it is under construction. But you can still enter through the locked door, and when you do, you will meet Jacil. Jacil, and his Blink Dogs, attack. Jacil carries some Arrows +1.
Area - I
Poultry Store (#25) - A bunch of rabid chickens attack as soon as you enter. I just killed them all with ranged weapons (don't know if they poison you if they get close). No big deal here, just some minor experience.
East Sewers
Phase Spiders, Carrion Crawlers (that seem to regenerate) at several intersections, an Ogre Mage (see the "A Ring For My Wife" quest), and some bodies in a wall. Experience and some booty to be gained. There is a passage that leads to the Underceller and two to the Central Sewers. There area also exits to city areas A, B, and H.
Central Sewers
Slimes near the top, and Ratchild (with Kobold Commandos) at a central intersection. There is a passage to the Underceller, two to the East Sewers, and three to the West Sewers. There are also exits to city areas C, G, and I.
West Sewers
Spiders, Phase Spiders, Ghouls (with booty that can be used to solve a quest - see the "A Ring For My Wife" quest), Schlumpsha (a Slime) the Sewer King and some companions will fight you. Shvertszche (a child of Schlumpsha) just talks about how great it is being green. There is a passage to the Basement of the Iron Throne, one to the Underceller, and two to the Central Sewers. There are also exits to city areas D, E, and F.

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