Chapter 3

The first of these quests are basically clean up and could have been completed earlier in the game. I put them off until now for three reasons: (1) if Jaheira, Khalid, Mantaron, and Xzar are in your party, they will complain bitterly (and constantly) that you are not making a beeline for Nashkel. By putting off these quests and solving Nashkell's problems first, you can shut them up pretty early on in the game. (2) Although some of you may be able to withstand their complaints, there is also the issue of the time limit. I am not sure how long their patience would have lasted, and frankly I didn't want to test it. (3) Baldur's Gate is very nonlinear, and one area may contain both an easily dispatched gang of Gibberlings and a difficult, super powerful Ogre mage, so it is very hard to properly sequence all of these quests for you. At any rate, I will be tinkering with the ordering as this guide progresses. Stay tuned.
If you have already done these quests, skip down to the Bandit quest. For everyone else, the following will be closer to being an actual walkthrough because it will show how my party took care the following subplots. Almost none of these subquests need to be done in any particular order, so feel free to jump around.
Quest Return to Beregost
Quest giver none
Quest giver location Beregost
Quest solution Elminster and Chloe should find you
Quest notes Although it could have been my location (in front of the smithy), I suspect that Elminister basically pops up wherever you are. He tells you there are bandits to the northeast. Ignore this for now. Also, Chloe will tell you that Officer Jesse Vai wants to speak with you. Go talk with Vai in the Jovial Juggler and she will tell you she is willing to pay for bandit scalps (cool). She gives you 300xp and a nice ring of protection.
Quest Return the letter to Marianne
Quest giver Marianne
Quest giver location two story Beregost building (in same clump as the smithy)
Quest solution Return letter from a group of Ogrillions
Quest notes You should have run into these Ogrillions by now, probably one area north of Beregost. She gives you a ring of protection, which is nice.
Quest Visit the temple
Quest giver none
Quest giver location Temple East of Beregost (on world map)
Quest solution Talk with the priest
Quest notes The priest will tell you to be on the look out for Bassilus. I will write about the Bassilus quest below, but if you are in Beregost, you might as well pick up the quest now (if you haven't already). Again, look below if you want to go ahead and take care of the Bassilus quest.
Quest Kill Marl?
Quest giver Marl
Quest giver location Feldepost Inn
Quest solution Kill Marl?
Quest notes

My party was going to put off searching all the Beregost houses until later, because they wanted to go back into the wilderness to kick some butt. When they entered Feldepost Inn to get a night's sleep, however, Marl attacked them. They went ahead and killed Marl, but I am worried about how this will affect later events. They did not receive a reputation hit, but who knows. Note: Apparently, if you choose to speak with Marl nicely, he will not attack. I was not able to do this, but you should give it a shot. At any rate, I don't think killing him has any deleterious effect on your party.

There is no real need to kill Marl, just follow these steps :

  • "you go where you want"
  • "You do what you think is right, solving more trouble than you cause"
  • "You won't be held accountable for what the fates deal"
  • "Ask him if his son wouldn't of gone anyway"
  • Buy a round of drinks to toast his son's memory.
If you do all this then you will be rewarded with 900xp.

High Hedge
West of Beregost on world map
Quest Stark the thief
Quest giver Stark the thief
Quest giver location just west of the High Hedge castle (in the world map area just west of Beregost)
Quest solution Stark wants the party to join him on a heist.
Quest notes Unfortunately for the completeness of my guide, I did not join him because my party is good (as in, not evil). As soon as I find out what happens, I will let you know. Note: Steve, grandmaster of the maps on this website, has pointed out that Stark never actually joins you. He essentially tells you to do what I had already done. Go into the castle with only one person.
Quest High hedge castle
Quest giver none
Quest giver location the High Hedge castle
Quest solution Thalantyr sells an impressive array of spells
Quest notes I found that if I took my entire party into the castle, the fog of war lifted around the bottom portion of the castle and the flesh golems attacked before I could talk to Thalantyr. Instead, I had my leader only enter and talk with Thalantyr. Once Thalantyr agrees to sell stuff to you, the flesh golems will no longer attack.
Northern Sirine Area
West of High Hedge on world map
Quest Sirines
Quest giver none
Quest giver location SW corner of area
Quest solution Kill the Sirines for big time experience points
Quest notes You basically want to hit the sirines very hard and, if possible, only one at a time. Along with poisoned arrows, the sirines launch the Dire Charm spell that can turn several party members against each other. The sooner you kill them, the less chance one of the Dire Charm spells will hit your party. Again, hit them very very hard. If you can, have all your characters launch some form of ranged attack, because the arrows will disrupt the sirine's spellcasting. I had all my characters launch some form of missile at each one, so the critters rarely had a chance to respond with any kind of attack.
Quest The Surgeon
Quest giver The Surgeon
Quest giver location Along the western coast
Quest solution Talk with him and he will heal your party.
Quest notes The surgeon did not completely heal my party, but he did a substantial amount of work, and, in his defense, my party was fairly damaged (with level 3 and 4 hp levels).
Quest Find Arcand's ring
Quest giver Mad Arcand
Quest giver location NE of the shipwreck
Quest solution Go SW of Arcand and find the shipwreck. It is very easy to spot. Take the ring.
Quest notes Deliver the ring to Mad Arcand and he will give you an Oil of Fiery Burning.
Quest Kill Droth
Quest giver Shoal
Quest giver location NW
Quest solution Kill Droth
Quest notes When you talk with Shoal, give her a kiss. I did this with a female character, but I imagine it works for male characters as well. Be sure the character is not your main character, because the kiss kills the character and if it is your main one, the game will need to be reloaded. After your guy is dead, attack Shoal. She will claim Droth made her do it and she will reanimate your guy. Agree to defeat Droth, and an ogre mage appears. He is not too tough, but it is best to dispatch him quickly.
Lighthouse area
Note: To reveal this area on the world map, you may need to go back to Brage's forest and exit the forest to the north.
Quest Sirines and Hobgoblins
Quest giver none
Quest giver location Lighthouse area (sirines are to the west; hobs are everywhere)
Quest solution Kill.
Quest notes This area has a high respawn rate of hobgoblins and hobgoblin elite, with a few sirines thrown in for good measure. I also ran into a soothsayer, but she didn't have much to say.
Quest Safana and the cave
Quest giver Safana
Quest giver location Somewhat towards the SE, but more towards center of map
Quest solution Find the cave and relieve it of its treasure
Quest notes If you have already met the first set of sirines (in the quest just above this one), you need to continue along the northern part of that little lagoon until you come upon some carrion crawlers and another trio of sirines. Sil, the leader of the sirines, will come out and tell you to leave, but they will basically attack you no matter what you do. This is a tough fight, and it is hard to draw out only one sirine at a time, but the terrain provides some excellent places to split up your party for a tactical advantage. As I have mentioned before, use lots and lots of arrows (or some kind of close up quick attack) to disrupt the spells and you should be ok. Enter the cave behind the sirines and defeat the three flesh golems (who are impervious to normal weapons). The treasure is located in an island in the back room.
Quest Save Ardrouine's boy
Quest giver Ardrouine
Quest giver location SE of lighthouse
Quest solution kill the worgs in the lighthouse
Quest notes This is yet another in a long line of silly quests, but unlike most, it will give you a reputation point, 500 exp and 80 gold.
Bassilus's Haunted Area
Area southeast from lighthouse area
Quest Bassilus is mentally ill. Kill him.
Quest giver Bassilus
Quest giver location southeast area (with all the undead that do not attack)
Quest solution Eventually, you need to kill Bassilus and grab his holy symbol
Quest notes The skeletons will die if you tell Bassilus you are his mother; then, when he eventually calls you a liar, choose the "when you ran from your home" selection. If you don't want the skeletons to die automatically, the battle can be a little hairy. Take the holy symbol back to the Beregost priest when you get a chance. Watch out for the cursed Gauntlets of Fumbling.
Quest Zargal, Geltik, and Malkax are acruisin' for a bruisin'
Quest giver Zargal
Quest giver location a little west from Bassilus
Quest solution Kill them
Quest notes Zargal, Geltik and Malkax are tougher than your average hobgoblins.
Quest Return Melicamp the Chicken to human form
Quest giver Melicamp
Quest giver location NE area (still in Bassilus forest)
Quest solution Kill the wolf, return Melicamp to High Hedge castle
Quest notes Before you deliver the skull component to Thalantyr, save your game. Whether or not Melicamp survives seems to be randomly determined.
Area southeast of the Beregost temple
Quest Buy Furret's gem?
Quest giver Furret
Quest giver location Somewhat SW of the northern entrance
Quest solution Buy Furret's worthless gem
Quest notes Furret is a big fat liar. The gem is not a gem of true seeing
Quest Find books for Ulcaster
Quest giver Ulcaster
Quest giver location West of the Ulcaster School ruins
Quest solution Go down into the ruins and grab the one book. Return to surface and give the book to Ulcaster for 1000xp.
Quest notes This one is kind of tough, so here are a few hints and warnings:

1. Before you go down, you will probably run into the undead Icharyd. He is a very tough warrior. Take your time.

2. The basement of the school is filled with dire wolves, dread wolves, vampiric wolves and oozes. The dread wolves especially respawn at an alarming rate. If you want to stop the respawn, simply leave one character in that room. You will know what room I am talking about when you come to it.

3. The book is found in the SE corner of the dungeon (work yourself counterclockwise along the dungeon to reach it). The area surrounding the book room (it is actually a pile of refuse) is filled with traps and dread wolves so be cautious.

The area east of Ulcaster
Quest Rid Gullykin of the kobold menace
Quest giver Gandolar Luckyfoot
Quest giver location in the SW area of the village
Quest solution Go into the cellar of the westernmost hut and find the secret door. Kill everything. You can also enter the area from the cellar of the winery/healer hut, but doing so will put you on the wrong end of the dungeon for my notes below.
Quest notes This quest has the potential of being a major headache, but hopefully you can avoid some of the mistakes I made:

1. Kill the halfling in the basement of the hut. The secret door is behind the western bookcase.

2. Kill the ogre mage.

3. Next, you will need to kill the wizard. This is made especially difficult because of the nature of the terrain. You will see what I mean when you get there. The wizard is also surrounded by ogrillions and at least 30 or so kobold commandos. To make things worse, the wizard is a master of the lightning and fireball spells. Fortunately, he also ends up hitting most of his minions as well, so this can be helpful. The biggest problem with this entire dungeon is its tight hallways. It is very difficult managing your characters in here. And as you fumble around, the kobolds will be firing 5 to 10 fire arrows into your party. Proceed with caution and use fireball if you can.

4. A note on respawn: respawn in this area is massive. If you leave an area for just a few seconds, that area will refill with kobold commandos again. These kobolds may be weak, but their sheer numbers and their fire arrows make this area quite a challenge.

5. I made the mistake of thinking I would have to come out the way I came in. This is not true. As you move from area to area, keep on moving forward or else you will be faced with respawn on both sides. If you have the fireball spell, or the fire wand, it is very effective in clearing out all the kobold commandos. Just keep moving.

6. Be sure to find the skeleton in the SE area of the dungeon and take his armor. Return the armor to some ghosts in the same general area. They will give you experience points and will disappear.

7. You will come out at Firewine Bridge. For the purpose of this guide, however, I returned directly to Gullykin to finish up there. See below for Firewine Bridge quests.

Quest Iron Throne baddies want to kill you
Quest giver Molkar, Drakar, Morvin (morvin?), and Halacan
Quest giver location southern area of Gullykin
Quest solution Kill them
Quest notes These guys shouldn't be too tough. If you don't have fireball by now, I would seriously consider getting it either in wand form or magic scroll form. I had these guys baked before they came anywhere near me. It was nice of them to stay grouped together. Killing them nets you Chain Armor +2, Longsword +1, and Morningstar +1.
Firewine Ruins
Area south of Gullykin
Note: If you went through the dungeon below Gullykin, you should have popped up here, as noted above
Quest Poe the bard sings a song
Quest giver Poe
Quest giver location on the ramparts
Quest solution Listen to Poe
Quest notes You receive exactly zip for listening to Poe, but he tells a nice story
Quest Carsa and her bottle of Ogre Mage
Quest giver Carsa
Quest giver location valley of Firewine
Quest solution If you choose to take Carsa's bottle, a tough ogre mage appears and tries to kill you
Quest notes This ogre mage is definitely more powerful than most. Since he uses two kinds of magical shields (one of Invulnerability and another of a kind I couldn't find the name for), it is best to dispel magic like crazy when fighting this guy. If you do this, he will very quickly run out of spells and you can kill him off fairly easily.
Yet another nameless wooded area
One area east of Nashkell carnival
Quest Iron Throne wants you dead
Quest giver Lamalha, Zeela, Telka, and Maneira
Quest giver location northern area of this area
Quest solution Fireball! Fireball! Fireball!
Quest notes Fireball
Quest Raid the tomb
Quest giver none
Quest giver location SE
Quest solution kill the ghasts and rid the tomb of its loot
Quest notes Lots of loot. The tomb is in the side of a cliff. It looks more like a mineshaft than a regular tomb.
Quest Narcillicus and his slimes
Quest giver Narcillicus
Quest giver location central region
Quest solution Kill
Quest notes If you want to kill both Narcillicus and his slimes, ask him if you can have the spell. If you want to just kill the slimes, make the other choice. Don't be fooled by Narcillicus or his slimes. This is a difficult fight. These slimes are tougher than most and they are impervious to most form of attack (magical or otherwise). Blunt weapons seem to work best. Narcillicus casts invisibility almost immediately, so unless you have a way of dealing with that, you are in for a long fight. I had a tough time with this one but eventually won. Hope you have better luck.
Quest Return Revenat's Dagger
Quest giver Hentold
Quest giver location West of Caves
Quest solution Hentold tells you he has something (Dagger +2) he wants to return. Take it, go to Revenat (cave at x=1904, y=2834) and give it to him (900xp). Or, refuse Revenat and fight him for experience and the dagger.
Quest notes If you talk to Revenat before you have the dagger, he attacks you. Killing him gives you 3000xp.
Bottom right hand area on the world map
The area south of the one with the slimes
Quest Return Samuel to Friendly Arms Inn
Quest giver Lena
Quest giver location along the top of the huge cliff bisecting this area
Quest solution Take Samuel back to Friendly Arms Inn
Quest notes You may run into a Flaming Fist Mercenary. If you do, it is your choice whether or not to turn Samuel in. I chose to take him back to the Inn temple, and I was rewarded handsomely (with 500xp and a rep point), if you turn him in you'll only get 50 gold.
Main quest: The bandit loop
Once again, there is no official "bandit loop" in the game, but this will get you to the bandits and clear several areas along the way. If you are only interested in the bandits, skip to the quests related to the bandits.

Before you take off on this loop, I highly recommend giving the "Protect from Petrification" spell to your mage, if you haven't already. The basilisk area below can net you the biggest experience gains in the game so far, if you can withstand their gaze. But first things first.

Quest Kill bandit Tranzig
Quest giver "One of Mulahey's notes"
Quest giver location Nashkel Mines (Mulahey's chest)
Quest solution Go to the second floor of the Feldepost Inn in Beregost. Attack Tranzig and tell him to tell you where Tazok lives. Then kill him for 975xp and a ring of protection.
Quest notes

That pretty much says it all. You should easily defeat Tranzig. If not, you may run into serious problems later on in the loop.

Note: Be sure to SAVE before you encounter Tranzig. After your encounter with Tranzig, be sure to check your Sword Coast (world) map to assure that the Bandit Camp area has appeared. If it has not, then you may have encountered a game stopping problem (see Q & A, Hints - Game Play - The Bandit Camp does not appear on my map).

Basilisk Forest
The area roughly east/northeast of the Beregost Temple
Quest Allow the ghoul to join?
Quest giver Korax
Quest giver location West end area of basilisk forest
Quest solution Allow the ghoul to join
Quest notes Several minutes after Korax joins, he will attack you. Before then, however, he will aid your cause and is quite good at helping out with the basilisks.
Quest Duel Shar Teel
Quest giver Shar Teel
Quest giver location NW area of the forest
Quest solution Have your best male character duel Shar Teel
Quest notes This is a toss up. My male character easily defeated Shar Teel because he is one of the cornerstones of my group. You may have a different experience. At any rate, the reward for defeating her is dubious. She says she will join, but by this point, I had already invested so much into my party that I scarcely saw the point in letting her join. It's up to you
Quest Kill Mutamin and the basilisks
Quest giver Mutamin
Quest giver location a little ways east of Shar Teel
Quest solution Kill!
Quest notes This is a tough nut. Basilisks alone are fairly easy (if you have "protection from petrification") because they are extremely susceptible to melee and ranged attacks. When the basilisks were alone, I had my mage cast protect on Jezebel (my main character) and Jez stood off to the side and plunked them full of holes without getting anywhere near them (greater basilisks have a powerful and poisonous bite up close). Since the basilisks' only ranged attack is the stone gaze, and since Jez was now immune to the stone gaze, she beat the basilisks without a scratch. Mutamin, on the other hand, pummeled her with some fairly powerful spells. And I couldn't bring in the rest of the party, because they would then be susceptible to the basilisks (without benefit of the spell). So, finally, I reloaded and approached this area from the west and took out the basilisks before the fog of war revealed Mutamin. With the basilisks dead, my entire party made mincemeat out of Mutamin. Again, you may find better strategies, and this one is a little cheap, but what the hell. Additional note: Basilisks appear throughout this area. Greater basilisks net 7000 exps. Yow!
Quest Tamah
Quest giver Tamah (frozen in stone)
Quest giver location west of Mutamin
Quest solution Use a stone to flesh spell on Tamah
Quest notes You gain 300xp and a reputation point.
Quest Kirian and party make fun of you
Quest giver Kirian
Quest giver location east
Quest solution Kill them if you want to soothe your ego and to get some great gear
Quest notes Kirian and party are very difficult to defeat. They are practically a party just like yours, complete with archers, monster summoning mages and a warrior mage. I was not able to defeat them single-handedly. I had to summon a pack of wolves to finish the job. Be careful. This is a sign of things to come.
Red Wizard Forest
Area north of Basilisk Forest
Quest Red Wizards of Thay guard their territory
Quest giver Red Wizards of Thay
Quest giver location Kinda NW; look for the building
Quest solution Fireball!
Quest notes

Folks, use the fireball on these guys. Any group of wizards willing to stand in a nice neat clump is just begging for it. Sure, the fireball may not be effective later on in the game, but it sure is right now.

If Edwin is in your group when you meet the red wizards of thay, they will greet him and leave. You never fight them and you get no exp or anything from the encounter.

Quest The spiders and the ettercap (no, this is not a Lewis Carroll poem)
Quest giver the spiders and the ettercap!
Quest giver location northern territory
Quest solution watch out for traps and kill everything in sight
Quest notes This can be a little tricky, simply because the whole upper area is riddled with traps (laid by the ettercap). When a trap is sprung, everyone not making a saving throw is caught in a Web spell. Then the spiders come out and get ya! None of the spiders are particularly difficult except for the Sword Spider who is amazingly (amazingly) quick and powerful. Fortunately, he has few hit points, so hit him hard first.
Area west of Red Wizard Forest
Quest Osmadi wants revenge
Quest giver Osmadi
Quest giver location near the ruins in the NE
Quest solution Unfortunately, you must kill Osmadi
Quest notes

After you kill Osmadi, his friend tells you Osmadi was insane. Gee.

His 'friend' Corsone is actually a shadow druid who wanted Osmadi dead, and will confess this and attack you if you keep questioning his motives (he's worth 1000xp)

Quest Teven and his band of merry men
Quest giver Teven
Quest giver location Teven wants to rob you.
Quest solution If you surrender or join, you are taken to the bandit camp. Otherwise, kill kill kill!
Quest notes If you decide to go to the bandit camp, skip down to the bandit camp section below. For the rest of you, onward with the quest list!
Area northeast of Larswood
Quest Black Talon
Quest giver Black Talon elite
Quest giver location everywhere
Quest solution Kill them
Quest notes Just watch out for these guys. They can be pretty tough. Stink cloud works nicely against them.
Quest Raiken the bandit
Quest giver Raiken
Quest giver location NE
Quest solution Join or surrender to Raiken to go the bandit forest.
Quest notes Since you have already found the location (see Tranzig above), I suggest continuing with this quest list. Just kill the brute.
Quest Viconia
Quest giver Viconia
Quest giver location NW
Quest solution Viconia the Drow wants to join
Quest notes Again, at this point I saw no sense in picking up any other adventurers. My party was set up so that if one person left, another person left too. Also, you take a rep hit for allowing her to join (although that is really not that big a deal). It's up to you.
Ankheg Farm
Area NW of Peldvale (west of the bandit forest)
Quest Ankheg armor
Quest giver Ankhegs
Quest giver location none
Quest solution These guys are everywhere.
Quest notes Once you kill an ankheg, take his skull back to the smithy in Beregost. He will make you a very nice set of ankheg plate. It has the AC of full plate, with only half the weight. It takes 10 days and 4000 gps to make.
Quest Ajantis wants to join
Quest giver Ajantis
Quest giver location SE
Quest solution Ajantis wants to join
Quest notes Let him if you want him
Quest Brun has lost his son
Quest giver Brun
Quest giver location In the farmhouse (in the central east region)
Quest solution Find his son in the big hole in the ground
Quest notes Inside the hole, go to the NE. You will find treasure (and the dead boy). Watch out for Ankhegs. Return the body to the farmer for 500xp. Then talk again to the farmer, offer him $100, get 1000xp.
Quest Jebadoh and fellow fishermen
Quest giver Jebadoh
Quest giver location Western clump of houses
Quest solution Find Tenya, priestess of Umberlee, and show her the error of her ways
Quest notes You can either aid Jebadoh or aid Tenya, the priestess of Umberlee. I highly recommend helping Tenya (although both parties are evil). Whether you choose to aid Tenya or aid the fishermen, Tenya is in the Bridge area leading to Baldur's Gate (see Chapter 5). If you help Tenya by killing the fishermen, you will be able to complete a fairly sizable subquest in Baldur's Gate. You may need to talk to Tenya and then attack her in order to persuade her to tell you to kill the fishermen.
Quest Gerde needs your help controlling the Ankheg population
Quest giver Gerde
Quest giver location N
Quest solution Help Gerde kill 10 Ankhegs
Quest notes

Unfortunately, both Steve and I made the mistake of talking with Gerde again (before killing ten Ankhegs), and he therefore ran off. I am not sure what happens if you kill ten of them.

Update: You get 75gp from Gerde after you kill 10 Ankhegs.

Bandit Forest
Area east of Ankheg Farm area
If you have followed this quest list and have completed all of the quests, clearing out the bandit forest should be extremely easy. It was for me, anyway. After clearing the open areas of regular bandits and the few bandit leaders, enter the large house and kill the bad guys in there. They should be a piece of cake.

There are some nice goodies to pick up in this area including two Medium Shields +1, Full Plate Armor, War Hammer +1, and a Long Bow of Marksmanship.

Now, open up the chest (it is trapped) and you are done with Chapter 3.

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