Baldur Gate : Items

Ring of Wizardry
The Ring of Wizardry hidden on the Friendly Arm map is not available after the v1.14315 patch. If you have started the game prior to the patch, then enter the Friendly Arm area, then install the patch, the ring will still be there. If you start a new game under the patch, or install the patch before you enter the Friendly Arm area, the ring will not be there.
What good are all those History Books?

There are a couple of history books that are needed to complete minor quests. However, except for some Sword Coast background information, there is no use for the books. Don't bother to let them fill up your inventory slots.

I have read newsgroup posts that indicate that reading enough History books will cause your lore to increase. The person with the book in his/her inventory when the book is read is the one who gets the lore increase. Reading a second book of the exact same title will not help. It is not clear how many books must be read to increase lore by 1 point. (I have not tried to confirm this lore-increase by book-reading process).

Where is the Helm of Opposite Alignment
There are several items that appear in some of the Baldur's Gate game files that were never implemented in the game. The Helm of Opposite Alignment is one of these. So don't plan on changing the alignment of one of your characters, they seem to all be stuck with the alignment they were given.

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