Baldur Gate : Character Inventories

Moving Items between Party Members
To move items between party members, just pick up an item from the member you have selected and drop it on the picture of another party member (no need to drop items on the ground, have a new member move over them to pick them up - DUH!. You wouldn't believe how long I did it this way).
Purchasing Items in Stores
In stores, have party leader purchase what he wants, then, while still conversing with shopkeeper, click on another party member and have him purchase what he wants, etc. etc. (Another DUH! - why did I have my leader purchase everything, then exit the purchase screen, then have my leader transfer items to other members, then have my leader purchase more items ...... <sigh>).
Running out of Inventory Slots
You can 'store' Gems in ready inventory slots (but not after the patch!). Also, don't forget to stack items that have little numbers on them. Dump low $$ value items to make room for higher $$ value items (see the Trinkets Selling page).
Identifying Items
Always pass "NOT IDENTIFIED" items to the inventory of the person in you party with the highest "Lore" rating. Many items can be identified in the manner without resorting to spells or paying shop keepers for the identify service.
Inventory Increasing Containers
There are no containers (bag, box, etc.) that you can put in your inventory to increase the number of inventory slots you have for storing items. However, you can leave items in various containers (e.g., chests, barrels, boxes, sacks, furniture, etc.) found around the Sword Coast and your items will remain intact. But, do not leave items laying around on the ground or on building floors as they will soon disappear.

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