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How does my Thief disarm traps
First a Thief must detect traps. This is accomplished by L-click the FIND TRAPS icon (4 triangles in a box) located among the bottom buttons on the main screen. When a trap is detected, it will be outlined in red. To disarm the trap, L-click on the THIEVING icon (the small mask) located among the bottom buttons on the main screen. The cursor will change to the REMOVE TRAP icon. L-click the cursor within the red outlined trap area. If your thief is good enough, then the trap will be disarmed. Your Thief's trap disarming ability is determined by his Find Trap skill level.
How do I use the Wolf's Cloak (and other "usable" items)
The Wolf's Cloak, Ring of Energy, Shield Amulet, and many other special items are all "used" in the same way. First, put the item in an appropriate paper doll slot on your character's inventory page (e.g., the Wolf's Cloak goes in the Cloak slot). Now, when you go back to the main screen, you will see that USE ITEM button (backpack icon) at the bottom of the screen (among the Bottom Buttons) will be colored. L-click on the USE ITEM button and all available-for-use items will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Click on the item you want to use.
Entering Baldur's Gate
You cannot enter Baldur's Gate until after you have flooded the Cloakwood mines to complete chapter 4. Then you can only enter Baldur's Gate the first time through the Baldur's Gate Entrance Bridge (Wyrm's Crossing) map area.

It has been pointed that you DO NOT need to flood the Cloakwood mines to end Chapter 4 and and gain access to Baldur's Gate. It is apparently sufficient to kill Davaeorn in the Cloakwood mines to finish the chapter.

Cloakwood Forest
The Cloakwood Forest map areas do not appear until after you have completed the Bandit Camp (and ended chapter 3). There are 4 Cloakwood Forest areas and a Cloakwood Mines area. Each will appear on the Sword Coast map after you have exited the previous one.

When you leave the Bandit Camp map area after completing Chapter 3, Cloakwood-1 will appear on your map. However, you will not be able to 'jump' directly to Cloakwood-1 from the Bandit Camp map area. One way (there are probably others) to get to Cloakwood-1 is to travel to the Friendly Arm map area, and then exit this area either to the West or South (exiting North or East won't work). Once you have visited Cloakwood-1 by this method, you can later return by 'jumping' from another distant area.

Officer Vai
After clearing the Bandit Camp (and completing chapter 3), Officer Vai (Beregost, Jovial Juggler) will only continue to purchase bandit scalps from you if you have at least one scalp in your party when you talk to her. Talk to her with no scalps and she will thank you for your good work, give you +2 reputation, and depart forever.
Cannot Find Dynaheir in Gnoll Stronghold
Dynaheir can be found in the east-most circular pit (the one on the right) at the top of the Gnoll Stronghold. She is in the bottom of the pit, and you must go down into the pit to see her (you cannot see her from the top).
The Bandit Camp does not show up on my Map
When you killed Mulahey (to end chapter 2) in Nashkel mines, there were some letters in his chest. One told of a person, Tranzig, who was waiting in Feldpost's Inn in Beregost (2nd floor). If you go to Beregost and confront Tranzig, you may be able to get him to tell you about the Bandit Camp (or to tell you where Tarzok lives), which will make the Bandit Camp appear on your map. In my case we talked a bit, then he attacked and we killed him, and after that the Bandit camp appeared on my map. You may have to search his body first as there may have been another message scroll.
There seem to be two other ways to make the Bandit Camp appear on your map. Talk to either the bandit Teven in Larswood or the bandit Raiken in Peldvale and either surrender or join and you will be taken to the Bandit Camp. In my case I already knew of the Bandit Camp (from Tranzig in Beregost), so I killed both Teven and Raiken (I don't recall being able to talk them into letting me join, I just had to fight them).
Some players have posted that after you talk to Elminster (he meets you near the Smithy after completing the Nashkel mines and you return to Beregost) the Bandit Camp appears on their map. I tested this, and although Elminster told me that the Bandit Camp was in the North East, it never appeared on my map from this conversation. This test was tried before dealing with Tranzig. But you could always try this (talking to Elminster) as maybe you'll satisfy some condition that I didn't.
How does my Thief or Ranger use Stealth
A Thief or Ranger can use stealth, "hide in shadows", by first assuring that they are wearing no better than studded leather armor. This should cause the STEALTH icon, at the bottom of the screen, to become colored. Press the STEALTH icon and the Thief or Ranger will go into stealth mode if a saving throw is passed. Once in stealth mode, a saving throw must be passed from time to time, to retain the stealth status. While in stealth mode there will be a colored border around the STEALTH icon.

A Thief or Ranger leaves stealth mode if he performs any action other than movement. This includes searching bodies, using any other thief function (lockpick, pickpocket, etc.), attacking, using inventory items, and apparently moving between building or dungeon levels. And finally, a thief cannot be in both Detect Traps and Stealth mode at the same time.

How does my Thief use Backstab
First, the Thief must "hide in shadows" (stealth). In order to do this, the thief must be wearing no better than studded leather armor, then press the STEALTH icon at the bottom of the screen. The thief should have a Dagger, Short Sword, or Long Sword (not sure about this last weapon) as his ready weapon. The thief should move close to his intended victim, behind if possible. Note that from time to time the Thief will have to make a save throw to stay hidden the shadows. Attack the victim while still "hiding in shadows", and if the backstab is successful, there will be message indicating this and the amount of damage inflicted. If the Thief is out of sight of the victim (and other monsters?), for instance if he is behind the victim, then he can attempt to "hide in the shadows" again, and if successful, attempt another backstab shortly thereafter.
How do I get into the Gnoll Stronghold
You cannot "get into" the Gnoll Stronghold. You can go on top of it where there are several pits you can (and should) go down into, and there are several caves on the lower part of the map which you can enter. But there is no way to actually get inside the Gnoll Stronghold.
How do I get into the Underceller
In Baldur's Gate (the city), the Underceller can be entered from the sewers or the Blushing Mermaid Tavern. From each of the sewer maps (East, Central, West) there is an entrance to the Underceller which is generally through a tunnel on the west side of the maps. From the Blushing Mermaid, enter the tavern, turn left, go to the far west room, turn left (face the south wall) and you will find a doorway to the underceller.
How do I get back into Candlekeep
The game is designed that once you have left Candlekeep at the beginning of the game you will not be allowed back into it until Chapter 6. If you play the game, and follow the plot you will find that getting back into Candlekeep will happen naturally. There is no way to get back inside until these events happen.
How do I get down the stairs in the Thieves Guild
You will not be able to use these stairs until Chapter 7 when you are very near the end of the game (and have completed your work in the Ducal Palace).
Where can I play Baldur's Gate online.
None of us at The Gate House have played Baldur's Gate online, so we have no first hand experience. However, newsgroup posts seem to indicate that you can try "", "gamespy", or "". Suggest you do a DejaNews ( on : bg +"play online"

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