Baldur Gate : Game Limitations

Experience Cap
Baldur's Gate has an 89,000 experience point limit for each character. When a character reaches this limit, he/she will no longer earn experience points (although the game messages will still indicate experience points gained for monsters killed and quests completed).
Experience Cap Increase
The Baldur's Gate expansion pack increases the experience limit to 161,000 points.
Experience Cap Increase Cheat
There are applications that will allow the game to continue giving out experience points even after you've reached the cap of 89,000. The Gate House does NOT offer this program since it could cause other unforseen problems. Please do not send the Gate House a program to bypass this limit, it will not be posted.
Game Versions
Please note that there are several version of Baldur's Gate as follows:
  • v1.0.4309 - Original Release
  • v1.1.4312 - Beta Patch
  • v1.1.4315 - Release Patch and Product Revision
  • Tales of the Sword Coast - Baldur's Gate Expansion pack. (We do not cover "Tales of the Sword Coast" at this site)
  • Each version has a README file which contains much useful information including updates to the game manual. Each new README includes the information from the previous README. Please read the game Manual and README file before asking us to answer questions.

    Since some things have changed between the different versions, it would be helpful if you identify which version you are using when you write to us.

    To determine your game version, from the main screen click on the OPTIONS button (floppy disk icon) and the version will be displayed in the bottom left hand corner of the resulting screen.

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