Baldur Gate : Game Interface

How do I skip the intros?
  • Method 1: If you did not do a FULL install, then as soon as you no longer have CD#1 loaded, the intro movies will not run as they are located on the first CD.
  • Method 2: If you did a FULL install, then the intro movies are on your HD and will always attempt to run. When the game starts you can press ESC (or SPACEBAR or L-click the mouse) 4 times to skip the intro movies.
  • Method 3: If you did a FULL install, it has been suggested that you may be able to delete the intro movies from your HD, but I have not tried this nor do I know what files to delete (anyone?).
  • Screen Dumps
    Use the PRINT SCREEN key to get a screen dump. The screen dump file will be found in Baldur's Gate/screenshots directory.
    Cursor Location
    Use the "L" key (lower case works) to get the x,y coordinates and area location of the cursor (e.g., AR5500 x=420 y=899)
    Time of Day
    Hover the cursor over the clock icon, in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, and press the TAB key (or, if you have Tool Tips enabled, just wait for awhile).
    Party Formations
    At the bottom of the main screen there are 5 party quick-formation buttons. What was not obvious, to me at least, is that there are 7 additional formations that can be accessed by R-clicking on any of the 5 quick-formation buttons. Doing this will display all 12 possible party formations (some of which are very nice). L-clicking one of the 12 formations will cause it to become one of the 5 quick-formations which you normally see at the bottom of your screen. (Would you believe that I completed Chapter 6 before I discovered this nice "feature" - DUH! [Gary, that's ok, I played the whole game and never found this out...DOH! Dave]. NOW it is soooo much easier using single-file formation to move my party through narrow passages, etc.).

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