How to Create Extra Characters for Single Player Games

It is possible to create more than one character for single player games if you don't want to wait for NPC's to join or want some early help. You can start the game with 2 to 5 additional characters, all created by you, in your party and they'll operate just like NPC's.
  1. Start the Game
  2. Select - PLAY
  3. Select - MULTI PLAYER
  4. Select - CONNECT
  5. Select - Select SERIAL (or PROTOCOL, SERIAL), then pick a valid serial port (e.g., COM1 or COM2) and speed (e.g., 38400).
  6. Select - DONE
  7. Select - CREATE GAME
  8. SESSION NAME - enter a name
  9. PLAYER NAME - enter a name
  10. Select - NEW GAME (takes you to Character Arbitration Screen)
Character Creation
  1. Select - CREATE CHARACTER (in one of the six slots)
  2. Select - CREATE
  3. Go through all character creation steps from GENDER to NAME
  4. Select - ACCEPT (takes you to Character Arbitration Screen)
  5. Click on the Skull to the left of the Character you just created. IF YOU DON'T DO THIS, THEN YOU CANNOT SELECT "DONE" IN THE NEXT SECTION.
  6. If you want another character (the whole idea of this exercise), then go to back to the top of this section. If you have enough, then go to to the next section.
Character Completion
  1. Select - DONE
  2. After the game starts, Select the Disk Icon
  3. Select - SAVE GAME
  4. Name (e.g., "some_name") and Save your Game
  5. Quit the Game - quit back to desktop
Copying the Characters
  1. In windows explorer, find the Baldur's Gate Directory "mpsave" ......"Baldur's Gate\mpsave" (The multi-player save directory) and in it find the Directory "some_name" which will have the form "000000003 - some_name" (where the "3" may be some other number)
  2. Copy the entire "000000003 - some name" directory into the single player "save" directory ......"Baldur's Gate\save" (The single player save directory) BE ADVISED that this will overwrite the "000000003..." directory in the "save" directory if it already exists!
  3. Start the game (select - PLAY, then SINGLE PLAYER) and load up the "some_name" save game and you will have the characters you created ready for play in single player mode. Note that these "created" characters will have no AI SCRIPT assigned. You can assign an AI Script by going to the Character Record Page, selecting - CUSTOMIZE, selecting - SCRIPT, and picking the AI script you want to use.
  1. Play the game and Enjoy

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