Unlimited Gems and Gold

Note: After the patch (v1.1.4315), you cannot put Gems in Quick Item slots and this cheat will not work. It also appears that the version that is currently shipping may also have this fix in it.
  1. First find a gem and a potion (or buy them). Go to the Inventory Screen of a Char and put the Gem into a Quick Slot.
  2. Take the potion and put it on your gem (your icon becomes the gem), and put the gem back into the Quick Slot.
  3. Put away the Potion and switch back to the play screen.
  4. Select the char (if not already selected) and notice that the icon is the Potion.
  5. But when moving over it with the mouse the description says "... GEM".
  6. Now click on it a few times (like you would drink the potion).
  7. The potion will not disappear.
  8. Go back to the inventory and TADAAAAA you have about 55000 Gems in your Quick Slot.
  9. Sell them and live happily without any money problems ever again.

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